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How does a 40 -year -old woman maintain herself

Women are 30 years old, their bodies are declining, and they are 40 years old, let alone, be sure to pay attention to maintenance, otherwise, it will really get older. So, how does a 40 -year -old woman maintain herself?

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What are the characteristics of a 40 -year -old woman?

1. Instrument

With the improvement of living standards, modern people attach increasing importance to scientific diet and healthy nutrition. Therefore, if women above 40 pay attention to maintenance and treat themselves kindly, they will never fall to the point of “old pearls”. They know how to choose the cosmetics that suits them best, insist on a certain sport to maintain a slim figure, and know how to dress appropriately according to the different occasions. Although it is far from the words “pure”, the whole body exudes a strong mature woman.

2. Career

Women who have received good education and awareness of struggle are naturally successful when they are 40 or more. For several years of hard work in the workplace, a naive girl forged into a capable woman. For the future, they have clear planning, while deeply analyzing their own potential, they keenly capture their career opportunities. No longer like a silly girl, the wisdom in mind gradually forms.

3. Economy

Economic independence has brought ideas and action to women above 40. Perhaps they cannot drive a sports car and live in luxury homes, but the hardships of self -reliance show their personality dignity. The pair of fibrous jade hands with Kou Dan can not only flexibly tap the keyboard, but also easily get three meals a day and earn considerable banknotes.

4. Sexuality

Beautiful women will not lack the nourishment of sex. After crossing the threshold of more than 40, the shyness of a woman is gradually peeping, and she really knows how to fight and enjoy sex. She knows how to enjoy people and pleasure, not to be passively accepted, nor is it the so -called leakage tool. The joy of the bed, like the fish, finally understand what the taste of a woman is.

5. Mental

Women with “maturity” are slightly thicker, because they are still swaying in sensibility and rationality, which can be called a conflict mixture. Professional smiles, programmatic words, are really unusual to remove the mask, and the good heart is still hot. The growth of experience allows them to learn to grasp the proposal, learn to protect themselves, and learn to give up.

How to maintain the skin of a 40 -year -old woman

1. Light makeup travel

Wrinkles and fine lines are most likely to expose the age of a woman. In order to cover these wrinkles and fine lines, women tend to put a thick layer of foundation. But when women reach the age of forty, the skin has begun to aging and relaxation. This is a natural law. No one can change it. It can only prevent wrinkles from continuing to produce through other methods. At this time, the makeup is still brilliant. Cosmetics will cause too much burden on the skin, make the skin even more, and produce excessive wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, if a forty -year -old woman wants to make up, try to choose light makeup.

2. Pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating

When moisturizing and hydrating, the skin will look very fresh, young and healthy. You can use various methods to replenish the skin, and drinking a lot of water every day is essential. In addition, you can eat more fresh fruits and make the skin more water by making mask.

3. Pay attention to sun protection

Sun protection is the skin care step of a woman’s life. Whether you are 5 or 45, you must remember to rub sunscreen when you travel. The ultraviolet rays in the sun are the most prone to sunburn skin, causing fine lines to produce the skin. If you have never done sunscreen before, it is not too late now!

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