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How does a blind date strategy win the match?

The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival in China. Young people who have no marriage partners who work abroad will definitely be urged to marry when they come home. Many elders also take this opportunity to introduce various introductions to young people. Then the question comes, what preparations should be done?

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Blind dates are ready for makeup or dressing, which is a new modification for yourself, so “single dog” cannot ignore this measure. Let ’s take a look at the strategy with Xiaobian!

Moderate makeup before the single leftover of the single leftover

No matter how good you think of your skin condition, you can force yourself to stick a mask before you enter the ranks of a single woman. In particular, many blind date time will be arranged during the day of holidays. In the cafe, the quiet place near the glass window, the two are sitting. Tell you that the sun will make any flaws on your face be hidden. You can even see the texture of the foundation. No matter how beautiful the beauty is, I am afraid that the sunlight will shine. Before the blind date, do a good job of moisturizing processes. This is your first confidence.

Set the topic of communication before the blind date

Before the blind date, forced yourself to set ten topics. During the blind date, you can talk about the discussion at any time to avoid the cold field. Of course, the topic of the topic also has skills. When blindfolding, you must avoid stereotypes of communication, but if you encounter an introverted object, you can introduce it from some hot news topics at the time. From the conversation, you can secretly experience it secretly. The other party’s tendency to live in life. But when you meet for the first time, remember to mention “money”, and don’t mention some topics about the other party’s directionality, so as not to cause the other party to dislike your “vulgar”.

If you can, before the blind date, it is best to communicate a few times by phone, and you will meet again after you have a certain preliminary understanding of the other party. This will have a more common topic and ensure the success rate of blind dates.

Blind dating time should be controlled

If the two sides are not in love at first sight or extremely speculative. So the best time for blind dates should not be more than two hours, first blind date, do not hold the purpose of long chat, if you feel good to the other party, you should also say “resign” in a timely manner. If you go home, you can solve it with the matchmaker, or stay in detail next time. In short, the first blind date must be controlled, short and intensive, the most just right!

Anyway, a single person must keep smiling. When you encounter a bad answer or you do n’t want to answer, do n’t answer it barely, just smile and stay silent. It is also a calm feeling for the other party, which is the lady’s sense and wisdom.

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