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How does impotence be self -test?

Impotence self -diagnosis

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1. (Normal): Sexual desire is normal, the erectile response is rapid, the duration of the erectile duration can disappear after ejaculation or interrupted sexual intercourse, the erectile hardness can be freely put into the vagina, good sexual pleasure, the frequency of sexual intercourse has not changed significantly, and the erection response of masturbation is normal.

2. (Mild): The requirements for sexual desire are basically normal, the erectile response is rapid, the erectile duration is unstable, and sometimes there is no continuous phenomenon. Sometimes the erectile hardness cannot be placed in the vagina. Masturbation erectile reactions are basically normal.

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3. (Moderate): Sexual desire is weakened, the erectile reaction slows down, and constant erection cannot be continuously occur. Erection hardness is often not enough to insert the vagina. Sexual pleasure fades, sexual intercourse frequency decreases significantly, and masturbation erectile reactions are barely.

4. (Severe): Sexual desire is required to disappear, and there is no erectile response, so it is not possible to talk about the continuous erectile of the penis.

For self -diagnosis of impotence, the diagnosis is difficult to judge whether the erection of the erection of the penile erectile reaction should be judged by several parameters such as the rapid and slow, ② continuous time, ③ the hardness of the penis erection. Those who have difficulties in these areas can be considered as abnormal penile erection function.

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