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How enthusiastic about Chinese people to wine?From alcohol liver to liver cancer, there are only four steps away

China’s wine culture has a long history. Now, many people meet a cup when they meet. The so -called “no wine is not happy”. Because of this, there are not a few people who drink excessive drinking, which can easily cause alcoholic liver. The number of patients with alcoholic liver disease in my country is rising at an amazing speed and has become one of the most important chronic liver disease in my country.

The liver is the main metabolic organ of the human body, and there are many causes of liver disease. Alcohol is one of the common factors. Long -term excessive drinking can cause liver damage. According to the different degrees of severity, it can be divided into several types, including alcoholic fatty liver, alcohol hepatitis, and cirrhosis. The symptoms corresponding to different types of diseases are also different.

From alcohol liver to liver cancer, there are only four steps away

The harm of alcohol to the liver is gradually accumulated. From “alcoholic fatty liver” to “alcoholic hepatitis” to “alcoholic liver cirrhosis”, the occurrence of liver cancer only requires four steps. It can be said that drinking over a lot of alcohol is a step closer to liver cancer.

Alcoholic liver

Alcoholic fatty liver is often related to the degree of infiltration of liver fat. Due to drinking the liver’s internal fat too much, the greater the amount of drinking, the longer the drinking time, the greater the damage to the liver. Long -term alcoholics are high -risk people with alcoholic liver. In my country, drinking is more common. More than half of men drink excessive drinking, 90%of alcohol decomposition and metabolism in the liver. The intermediate product of alcohol is carcinogenic substances, causing liver cell degeneration and necrosis, leading to alcoholic liver.

Alcoholic hepatitis

Alcoholic hepatitis occurs in chronic alcoholic people. Often, there is a history of drinking a lot of drinking in the short term before the onset. The symptoms are generally related to the amount of drinking and the length of alcoholism. Patients can have no liver symptoms and signs for a long time. Quit alcohol for treatment.

Alcoholic liver cirrhosis

The occurrence of alcoholic liver cirrhosis is related to the drinking method, gender, genetic factors, nutritional status and whether the hepatitis virus infection is combined with hepatitis. The key to the treatment of alcoholic liver cirrhosis is to quit alcohol and early diagnosis.

Liver cancer

Alcoholic liver cirrhosis is one of the high -risk factors of liver cancer. It is usually asymptomatic in the early stage. Once found, most of them are advanced stages, surgery is the first choice for the treatment of liver cancer, and it is also a more effective method.

Although drinking has become a custom of many people’s daily life, drinking and hurting the body, drink less!

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