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How far is inhaling insulin?

Intullets feel painful and troublesome, and various skin reactions will occur. If there is a kind of insulin, it will work as soon as it smells, how good it is! This is the voice of many diabetic patients using insulin. They look forward to the advent of inhalation of insulin. What is the current research status of inhaled insulin?

What is inhaled insulin

Inhaling insulin is mainly administered through the lungs, and a specialized device is required. Because its absorption rate is low, the dose of insulin injection in the skin is high, and patients and smokers with basic lung diseases are not recommended. The biggest advantage of using inhaled insulin is that there is no need to inject, avoiding the disadvantages of injection of insulin, so it has attracted much attention from sugar friends.

Features of inhalation of insulin

Studies have shown that inhaled insulin starting time is similar to or faster as fast -acting insulin analogs. It can achieve maximum hypoglycemic effects 15-30 minutes after inhalation. The duration of its hypoglycemic effect is equivalent to the subcutaneous injection speed insulin analog.

Research progress of inhaling insulin

According to the literature I found, inhaled insulin is undergoing phase III clinical research.

The clinical research of drugs is divided into stage IV. Phase I clinical research is mainly carried out among healthy people. Observing the human body’s tolerance to new drugs, that is, safety research. Phase II clinical research is performed among patients, mainly for preliminary evaluation of the treatment of drugs, and of course, it will also evaluate the toxic and side effects it may occur at the same time. Phase III clinical study refers to the confirmation phase of the treatment, including the setting of the treatment dose. Phase IV clinical trial: The application research stage conducted by the applicant after the new drug was listed. The purpose is to examine the efficacy and adverse reactions of drugs under extensive use, the interests and risk relationships used in ordinary or special groups, and improved dosage.

If the drug is clinically studied through phase III, it means not far from the official listing. Of course, it may be 2 to 3 years since the listing, or it may be longer. It mainly depends on the length of the approval time of the Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau. In addition, the possibility of the final shot is not ruled out during the approval process.

Because the research and development of inhaled insulin is abroad, even if it is approved by the Foreign Drug Administration in the end, it takes several years to enter China.

Current status quo

The initial inhalation -type insulin device is relatively tedious and stupid. At present, the improved version of the inhalation device has been done in phase III clinical research. The description of the treatment effect and side effects of inhaled insulin in this article comes from the conclusion data of the inhalation -type insulin inhaled inhaling clinical research in Phase III in the recent literature for your reference.

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At present, experts have also done a lot of clinical trials, and the results of research are constantly released. Inhaling insulin is expected to truly enter the clinic. Good news: In addition to inhaling insulin, talk to you with oral insulin. A study of Jiangsu University’s oral insulin has been authorized by the national invention patent, which provides a low -cost, efficient and more convenient choice for the industrialization of oral insulin.

Author: Xu Lingyu, deputy chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Beijing Union Hospital

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