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How is chronic vaginitis caused

Chronic vaginitis may be caused by factors such as personal hygiene, excessive cleaning, and sedentary.

1. Personal hygiene: The vagina is connected to the outside world and the menstrual resistance is very low.If you don’t pay attention to menstrual hygiene, it will cause upward infection.Girls should pay attention to menstrual hygiene. They often change sanitary napkins and underwear. They do not wear tight underwear. The underwear should be comfortable and breathable. The underwear should be washed separately from the socks. After the underwear is cleaned, it should be boiled or exposed to the sun.2. Excessive cleaning: There are normal flora in the vagina, mainly lactobacillus.If you misuse the lotion, you may cause a flora disorders.After the vaginal bacteria are destroyed, anaerobic bacteria and other bacteria will reproduce and inflammation occur.3. Sitting for a long time: If you sit for a long time, it will cause poor pelvic vein backflow and severe congestion.It is recommended to change the position frequently and exercise moderately to enhance resistance.

Pay attention to light, do not eat spicy, exciting, and fire food.

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