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How is oral cancer?Doctor’s reminder: Generally related to 4 factors, don’t take it seriously

Aunt He has been holding a toothache recently, and she ca n’t eat it. The terrible thing is how the family members persuade her to go to the hospital, but she just does n’t listen. She always wants to eat some of the herbal medicines.

Who knows that a few weeks have passed, and the pain not only has not eased, but feels that there is an ulcer on the right side of the mouth. As time, the ulcer area will continue to grow. Auntie screamed.

But she still didn’t rest assured that, as early as a few years ago, there was a rotten teeth in her mouth that she would wear the surrounding mucosa from time to time, but she recovered after a while.

Until the ulcer where the ulcer was slow, he could not improve, and he could feel that there seemed to be a mass in it, and it felt a little hard. Then he hurried to the hospital for examination. cancer.

How is oral cancer?Doctor's reminder: Generally related to 4 factors, don't take it seriously

Why does ordinary oral ulcers become oral cancer?

The doctor told Auntie He that the culprit was the rotten teeth in the mouth, rubbing with the tongue and oral mucosa for a long time, and slowly formed the damage to the root of the tongue. In the usual day, if you eat spicy or hot food, you do not pay attention to oral hygiene, these factors will further stimulate and damage the lesion.

Then it will form a long -term ulcer that will not improve. In the end, the tissue cells around the lesions may mutate and eventually cause cancer. From oral ulcers to gradually evolved into oral cancer, it has been experienced for a long time in the middle. Most patients have a long history of ulcers. However, they may not take the ulcers as a matter of rehabilitation, and they may eventually delay the illness.

Oral ulcer is a process of oral cancer evolution, and in addition, the pathogenic factor of oral cancer has the following aspects:

Smoke and alcohol without mouth

Most male oral cancer patients have a long -term history of drinking and smoking. The stimulation of tobacco and alcohol to the oral cavity is chemical. Whether it is a variety of carcinogens or alcohol of tobacco species, the long -term stimulation of the oral mucosa will cause the tissue to organize the tissue Cells are mutated, and there will be a tendency to cancer.

Long -term stimulation

This situation is a physical stimulus, rotten tooth roots or sharp tips, or inappropriate dentures, can stimulate the oral mucosa. Auntie He is the stimulus of rotten teeth, which will eventually form chronic ulcers until cancer.

How is oral cancer?Doctor's reminder: Generally related to 4 factors, don't take it seriously

Oral hygiene

If oral hygiene is not good, bacterial molds breed and reproduce in the oral cavity, which is conducive to the production of nitrosamine. For these reasons, coupled with inflammation, it may eventually promote the occurrence of oral cancer.


The lack of vitamin A will lead to thickening and excessive keratosis of the oral mucosal epithelium, which will induce oral cancer. In addition, zinc deficiency and insufficient intake of total protein and animal protein have a certain relationship with oral cancer.

These 5 symptoms will appear early in oral cancer.



Oral cancer occurred in the early stage of oral cancer, and there were significant symptoms, mainly in the following five aspects.

1. On the oral mucosa, such as the upper and lower lips, tongue, gums, etc., there are fixed ulcers, and continuous treatment does not have any effect. The general continuous length exceeds four weeks or even longer;

2. White spots will appear inside the oral cavity, especially the plaque on the mucosa inside the cheeks will increase and expand, and gradually becomes more and more rough.

3. Inside the oral cavity, especially the gums, there are unknown bleeding, and the amount of bleeding is still large;

4. A foreign body sensation appears in the mouth, mainly the feeling of insect crawling or numbness in the upper and lower lips;

5. With the deepening of the cancer process, the lymph node of the head and neck will increase, and it will also appear. It is mainly located on both sides of the neck and maxillofacial. The lymph nodes can be painful. Because tumors invade the surrounding tissue, some patients will have a skewed mouth or a restricted movement in the mouth closed.

How is oral cancer?Doctor's reminder: Generally related to 4 factors, don't take it seriously

Do a good job of oral cleaning to prevent oral diseases

Therefore, in daily life, developing good oral hygiene habits can effectively prevent various oral diseases. First of all, develop good chewing habits during eating, and good chewing habits can stimulate local saliva secretion, play a role in swinging on the surface of the dental body. healthy.

Followed by the correct brushing mouth. Brushing is the simplest and most effective cleaning method. Brushing your teeth every morning and evening. The time for brushing your teeth will reach three minutes, and brush your teeth should be brushed upright. In addition, the habit of mouthwash should be developed after meals, which can remove food debris to avoid tartar production, and it can also effectively reduce the number of oral microorganisms.

Finally, pay attention to the balanced diet in diet, and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, which helps clean the teeth. For children, pay attention to the reasonable nutrition, and pay attention to avoid eating too much sweets, especially before falling asleep. Do not eat sugar or other sweets.

In addition, patients with tartar should go to the hospital to wash their teeth regularly to maintain the health of the periodontal tissue. At the same time, they should also do regular nursing examinations to avoid smoking and drinking.

How is oral cancer?Doctor's reminder: Generally related to 4 factors, don't take it seriously

Only by multiple angles to maintain the health of the oral cavity and establish an effective protection awareness can we ensure that our mouth is always in a good state.


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