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How long can cervicitis be cured

Cervicitis can be cured in seven to ten days.

Cervicitis includes inflammation of cervix, vaginal and cervical tubular mucosa. Cervicitis is divided into acute cervicitis and chronic cervicitis.Vaginal secretions in patients with acute cervicitis may increase.The secretion is yellow -green purulent, accompanied by the symptoms of vulvar itching and urinary tract infection.You need to go to the hospital for further examination of the infected pathogen and give sensitive antibiotic applications.Chronic cervicitis includes chronic cervicitis, cervical polyps and cervical hypertrophy.Some asymptomatic patients do not need treatment, but others need physical treatment or surgery.Cervicitis is divided into acute cervicitis and chronic cervicitis. The treatment of acute cervicitis is mainly based on anti-infection therapy. Entering cephalosporin infection for anti-infective treatment takes about 7-10 days.The treatment of chronic cervicitis is mainly related to the choice of treatment.If it is used for local medication, it takes about 10-15 days like metronidazole suppository. After treatment, the vaginal secretion is significantly reduced, and there will be no symptoms of vulvar itching.If chronic cervicitis is accompanied by cervical erosion and treatment, it is mainly based on physical methods such as laser or freezing, which takes about 7 days to cure.The time required for the treatment of cervicitis is mainly related to the type of cervicitis and the selected treatment method.

Baby oral ulcers can be prevented through the following points: First of all, if you have cervicitis, pay more attention to sexual hygiene to avoid causing infection and aggravating symptoms of cervicitis.Before sexual behavior, both sides need to carefully clean the genitals, which can reduce the chance of infection.There is also to avoid multiple personality partners during the treatment and stop sexual life.Secondly, patients with cervicitis also need to do a good job of personal hygiene, which is a very important link.If you don’t pay attention to personal hygiene, inflammation may spread, thereby aggravating the symptoms of infection.It is recommended to clean the vulva with warm water every day to ensure dry and clean.If it is a menstrual period, in addition to changing sanitary napkins and underwear, pay attention to the cleaning of private parts.Finally, if you suffer from cervicitis, you must do a good job of contraception.If you are pregnant, whether it is abortion or delivery, it will cause further damage to the cervix, thereby aggravating the symptoms of cervicitis.

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