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How long can I get pregnant after ovarian cancer surgery

Generally speaking, for early ovarian cancer patients, it is recommended to prepare for pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor after two years of menstruation and no recurrence after surgery.

The ovary is a pair of flat oval glands of women.It is a sexual organs that produce and discharge eggs and secrete steroids.Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the ovaries.Early symptoms are not obvious, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal distension, nausea, and vomiting may occur in the late stage.After ovarian cancer surgery, if you are pregnant, you can also give birth after full month.If ovarian cancer surgery, the physical condition of pregnant women is recovered well, and various test indicators are normal, and there are no obvious symptoms of discomfort.After the full moon, it can be given vaginal delivery.If ovarian cancer recovers poor body recovery, it is not recommended.Because in the process of natural delivery, it will consume a lot of physical strength.It may have adverse effects on the body of pregnant women.If you have a cesarean section indication when you give birth at a full month, the cesarean section should be terminated in a timely manner to terminate the pregnancy.The most common indicator of cesarean section includes the merger of hypertension during pregnancy, the early stage of severe eclampity, huge child, abnormal fetal position, fetal distress, and front placenta.

Regularly monitor patients’ vital signs, such as blood pressure, breathing, body temperature.Patients should replace the dressing regularly according to the doctor’s recommendation to keep the incision dry and clean to avoid infection.Family members should observe the patient’s reservoir according to the doctor’s suggestion, avoid stress blocking, and record the color and quantity of the drainage solution.Postoperative analgesic pumps can be used to reduce and reduce patients with patients, improve the quality of sleep, and ensure surgical treatment effects.Fasting after surgery, patients can eat after exhaustion.Patients should develop regular work and rest time, rest more to avoid fatigue.After the condition is stable, patients can perform appropriate physical exercise according to their physical tolerance.After chemotherapy, patients are weak and have obvious response. They need to be accompanied by their families appropriately to avoid accidents and other accidents.Radiotherapy patients may have local rashes.In daily life, wearing loose clothes should be worn to avoid rubbing here to avoid skin damage.Patients with ovarian cancer should also pay attention to diet regulation while actively cooperating with treatment.Food should be mainly vegetables and grains.You should also pay attention to supplementing protein and eat less spicy and greasy things.

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