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How long can I have sex after abortion?

About one month after abortion can be in the same room.Generally, it can only be after a menstruation after surgery.

The flow of people, also known as curettage, is a mature technology with a short operation time.Women with unexpected pregnancy and no fertility are a better choice.Before abortion surgery, B -ultrasound, leucorrhea routine, electrocardiogram, blood routine, liver function and other examinations should be improved to confirm the internal pregnancy of the palace, eliminate taboos, and determine the timing of surgery.During surgery, the patient should take the bladder cutting position, disinfect the vulva and vagina, and then spread a sterile towel on the vulva, and then expand the vagina with a peepper, expose the cervix, disinfect the cervix and cervix, and then use the cervical pliers to clamp the cervical pliers.Live the front lip or back lip, then use the probe to detect the depth of the uterine cavity along the uterine direction, expand the cervix with the cervical expansion, and then suck out the uterine cavity.After artificial abortion, it is recommended to have the same room a month later, mainly the following reasons.First of all, after artificial abortion, there will be a small amount of bleeding in the vagina and premature sexual intercourse. Because the uterus contraction rhythmically during sexual intercourse, the blood in the uterine cavity may return to the fallopian tube or pelvic cavity.At this time, the blood may contain a small amount of pathogenic microorganisms, causing fallopian tube inflammation or pelvic inflammatory disease.The appearance of inflammation may cause adhesion bands in the pelvic cavity, increasing the probability of abdominal pain and infertility.Active anti -inflammatory drug treatment should be given under the guidance of a doctor to avoid related complications.Prematurely in the same room, women’s uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries have not returned to the physiological state before pregnancy. The rhythmic movement of female reproductive organs in the same room is not conducive to their recovery.

Take a bath after miscarriage, avoid excessive or low water temperature, and avoid pots to avoid infection from entering the vagina.Within a week, breasts may feel pain, and even a small amount of secretions appear.Use loose bra to keep your chest clean.Adopt anti -inflammatory drugs to help the uterus shrink.Avoid too cold or too spicy foods.About 2 weeks after the operation, you need to go to the hospital for routine review.

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