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How long can I live after the melanoma metastasis

I believe many people have heard melanin, but they are not clear about melanoma.Melanoma, also known as malignant melanoma, is a kind of skin malignant tumor with a greater risk and high degree of malignant.

Migrate melanoma, after 25 days of fever, cough, and severe hypoxemia in the treatment of immune examination point inhibitors and Nawu monoclonal antibodies … eventually because of multi -device.

The brain metastases of the brain to metastases is a common complication of malignant tumors.Studies have shown that 25%of patients who died of cancer have intracranial metastasis.The most common tumor that is most likely to metastasis is lung cancer, with a metastasized rate of up to 30%.

Recently, a male patient was transferred to Qingdao Central Hospital for treatment due to malignant melanoma. It has now spread and produces armpit lymph tumors. The patient’s consciousness is relatively sober. The family members are willing to transfer to the hospital to the Peking University Medical Lu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for continued treatment.

Michallotem, a professor of Hadassah, Hadassah, is the pioneer of melanoma research and therapy. She is using personalized treatment to treat her patients. Only a few tumor centers in the world can provide such treatment.

Malignant melanoma, referred to as “evil melanoma”, is a highly malignant tumor from melanocytes.Hidden attacks, high misdiagnosis, poor prognosis, and rare clinical clinical.The mucous membranes often occur in the skin and neighboring skin.

When it was pulled together, a mole on the feet of Li Xiangshan played by Sun Honglei finally caused him to be fatal and not treated- “melanoma”, which also made many people know this disease.Nine years have passed, melanoma.

As a result, a series of examinations were performed in the hospital. Old Wu was also diagnosed as peripheral melanoma, which is also a good type of the people in our country.Melanoma does not pain and itchy mortality is often ignored.

Researchers say that the new combined therapy can prevent the world’s most fatal skin cancer-melanoma and prevent it from spreading to other organs.So far, these patients still have 40%-70%of high risk progress.

How long can I live after the melanoma metastasis

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