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How long can I live with liver cirrhosis

The most concerned thing after being confirmed by examination is how long you can live, especially those vicious diseases become particularly fragile after the occurrence of malignant diseases. Therefore, how long it can be lived by liver cirrhosis is a matter of attention for patients with cirrhosis. The expected life of any disease is affected and restricted by various factors, and it cannot be generalized.

How long can I live with liver cirrhosis

The factors that generally affect life are mainly due to the physical condition of the patient, and whether the treatment is timely, including the effect of treatment. For liver cirrhosis, this disease is usually based on the dialectical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and targeted therapy. If the treatment is proper, the effect of reverse liver cirrhosis is very large. This can minimize liver damage. The quality of personal life.

In fact, as long as any disease is based on the principle of early detection and early treatment, and then take correct treatment methods, for example, comprehensive treatment of multi -level and multi -targets can be reducing liver injury, which can also improve the hepatic healing effect. On the contrary, if there is no timely or effective treatment of liver cirrhosis, the life expectancy of a person will inevitably be involved.

The harm of this disease itself is not very large, but the influence of various complications will accelerate the worsening of the disease, thereby accelerating the life expectancy of people. Hepatical hardening complications mainly include: hepatic brain disease, abdominal and kidney syndrome, primary liver cancer, etc. No matter which one happens, it will further worsen liver cirrhosis, and even hinder the treatment and recovery effect of liver cirrhosis.

Everyone is necessary to understand some common sense and symptoms of diseases. At least at least when they occur, they can do a good job of treatment and prevention in advance to avoid causing attention when they are malignant. It is really too late at this time. There is no standard answer to how long it can live in liver cirrhosis. There are many factors that are troubled by human life. As long as they actively cooperate with doctors’ treatment to do well, they will cure disease growth to the greatest extent. life.

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