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How long can I quit smoking?

Generally, it takes three months to smoke without smoking to quit.After quitting smoking, the body will have a adaptation process. After 2 hours of quit smoking, the nicotine content in the blood reaches a critical value, and symptoms of quitting will occur, such as dizziness and inattention.After 12 hours of quit smoking, the body began to automatically remove the nicotine that has accumulated over the years in the body. At this time, in addition to dizziness, not attentive Chinese and foreign countries, there will also be irritability.After three days of quitting, nicotine cleared the peak. At this time, it was the most uncomfortable and the symptoms of quitting were the most obvious.For a week of quitting smoking, the lungs start to detoxify, and patients who smoke for many years will have cough and black sputum.After three weeks of quitting smoking, nicotine is cleaned up, and Nihidine is no longer relying on the physiological, and the symptoms can completely disappear.After three months of quitting, the quality of all aspects of the body was restored, and he began to feel energetic.The quality of sleep is good, the symptoms of chest tightness, shortness of breath, and pharyngitis caused by smoking disappear, and they are disgusted with the smell of smoke, so it is successful for three months without smoking.

Cigarettes contain a large number of nicotine, which will speed up heartbeat and blood pressure will rise slowly.Carbon monoxide in smoke will promote the slow accumulation of atherosclerosis, while atherosclerosis can easily cause heart disease.Smoking can also cause cancer. The nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes have strong carcinogenicity, increase the risk of male cancer, and cause the risk of cancer and death.The most important harm of smoking will also hurt the lungs, and smoke will produce when smoking, which contains a large amount of harmful substances.When these harmful substances are inhaled, these harmful substances appear in the lungs.At this time, the lungs will be contaminated and damaged, which will eventually damage the health of the lungs.

Nicotine abstinence symptoms are prone to abstain from smoking, and patients will have the problem of physical dependence and psychological dependence.Physical dependence can be treated with drugs. At present, nicotine can be used in combination with gum preparations, spray agents and other drugs until the abstinence symptoms disappear.Psychological dependence needs to be eliminated by diverting attention and changes in behavior. If you are irritable and angry, you can do some exercise and transfer your attention.

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