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How long can I wash my hair when I have a “small confinement”?

Abortion is a pain that women are unwilling to face or are unwilling to mention, but sometimes they have to face it. After miscarriage, women generally need to rest for half a month or a month. The time after the people call the abortion is “small confinement”. Nursing methods and precautions should attract attention.

How long can I wash my hair when I have a “small confinement”?

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How long can I wash my hair after abortion?

1. Wash your hair after two weeks

After the abortion surgery, you can wash your hair in two weeks. Women are best to use warm water. After washing your hair, pay attention to blow drying in time to avoid being stimulated by cold water and cold, prevent cold, and do not take a bath.

2. Avoid colds in the shampooing process

Try to avoid colds during the shampooing process. Because the woman’s body is extremely weak after abortion, and it is quite cold, it is a little cold, and they will catch a cold immediately. Some clean women are better to take a bath in front of people to wash their heads, because it is not advisable to contact wet and cold within a few days after the painless abortion.

3. Washing water temperature around 37 ° C

The temperature of the shampoo must not be too low. It is best to keep it at about 37 ° C. After washing, you should quickly dry it with a blowing (hot) wind. Generally speaking, the hair is oily after flowing, and it is easy to lose hair. Do not use too exciting shampoos.

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