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How long can the sealed soil honey be put

How long can the sealed soil honey be put

my country’s native Chinese bees, also known as Chinese bees and wild bees, are called earth bees in the people. They belong to the traditional bee species in my country. Only the honey produced by this bee can be called soil honey.So, how long can the sealing soil honey be put?

The shelf life of the honey on the market is generally 18 months or 2 years, but if it is well preserved, the preservation time of honey usually exceeds the shelf life.However, the preservation time of honey is closely related to the quality and preservation conditions of honey, as well as soil honey.The first is the quality of honey. Honey is the nectar or secretion of the bee collected plants. After full brewing, pure honey is fully brewed after 7-15 days. Generally, the water content is less than 20%, and the natural preservation time is longer.And the honey contains acidic substances and high concentrations of sugar, has a strong sterilization effect, can inhibit the growth and reproduction of a variety of bacteria. In summary, it can be preserved for a long time.EssenceAt the same time, preservation conditions are also important, because honey has a strong water absorption, and honey is likely to ferment deterioration when improper preservation.When honey contains more than 21%, it provides favorable conditions for the survival of yeast.At a suitable conditions, yeast grows a lot of growth and reproduction, and continuously decomposes glucose and fructose in honey to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol. Honey will ferment and deteriorate, and it is not advisable to continue to eat.

Honey taboo on an empty stomach, because honey contains sugar such as fructose, these sugar points will accelerate the secretion of gastric acid. Excessive gastric acid secretion will damage the gastric mucosa. Drinking honey for a long time will increase the acidity of the body, which may cause gastric ulcer or gastric disease.Secondly, honey water taboo drinks before going to bed, because there are many sugar in honey, it is easy to accumulate in the body and convert into fat, causing obesity.

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