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How long does it have no hunger for eating?

Many friends who lose weight are answering how to eat lightly, can I really eat it lightly? There are 2 kinds of light eclipse, one is 5-2 light, which is seven days a week. Taking 2 days as a light interruption day, But do not hit one for 2 days.

The following is a feeling of not eating for 8 days to eat on the first day to the night, but it is by no means the first time that is extremely uncomfortable. It seems that it is relatively easy to endure.On May 16, the next day, as on the first day, there are.

It may make people more hungry, and even some people start violent food after being hungry, which is running counter to the target of weight loss! Since this kind of diet and weight loss method is not desirable, then there is any opposite dietary management.

During the fasting period, I consumed a good survival of each piece 2 to 3 times a day, and drank a glass of saline.In the meantime, I conducted some process sharing in the WeChat group of college classmates, and also issued some related medical examination indicators.

Hello, but occasionally seduce by his husband, there is no nutritional snacks for consumption, and there is a small amount, within the controllable range.But from the perspective of weight trend, it is still monotonous incremental curve

I eat three meals, and I feel hungry after eating. What exactly is the answer? What should I solve? Today I will share two tricks to help you solve the sense of hunger.The first is to eat more.As for more consumption, don’t eat less, no.

And how to “fast” correctly.Fasting effect, do not eat dinner> Do not eat breakfast in 24 hours a day, is it better to eat at that time? The Beijing Association and Hospital team discovered in the non -obese people for the first time that it only started after lunch.

Whether you lose weight yourself or have friends around you lose weight, I believe you have heard of “light -breaking”.This is a slimming and detoxification therapy that is currently swept all over the world.As the name suggests, you do not eat food for a period of time.

When we talk about weight loss, many people have used many methods, such as fasting. When it comes to fasting, many networks talk about it very scary, saying how to keep your muscles shrink, and you will be confused.It’s really exaggerated.

How long does it have no hunger for eating?

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