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How long does it take for a long time to squat to squat for a long time?


After walking for a long time, my feet will be tired, including sitting for a long time, and my feet will be uncomfortable. But now young people, when they squatting to the toilet, they almost like to play mobile phones, and they forget time when they play. However, there will be many harms for squatting toilets. How long does it take to squat to the toilet?

How long does it take to squat to the toilet?

Many friends don’t know how long to squat to the toilet? Xiaobian can tell you that when the toilet time is more than 3 minutes, the rectal vein can be congested, causing hemorrhoids, and the longer the toilet time, the higher the incidence. Generally speaking, the time for squatting toilet is more appropriate in about three minutes. Can’t afford to squat for a long time will lead to rising abdominal pressure and blocked venous blood flow. This will cause hemorrhoids for a long time. Of course, the harm of squatting to the toilet is far more than that.

Squatting to the toilet for too long will inhale toxic gases. The body and toxic substances will form a closed space, causing the gas to enter our body. In severe cases, it may cause analitis, chronic vaginitis, and cervical cancer. Therefore, the bowel movement should be “short -flat and fast”, reducing toxic substances into the body. Squatting the toilet for too long can also cause hemorrhoids, and hemorrhoids are prone to more than 3 minutes.

Squatting the toilet too long can also lead to constipation. Many friends are accustomed to squatting to the toilet and watching newspapers, magazines, or playing mobile phones. This will be distracted. The sense of stool can easily disappear, making the stubbornness cause constipation. Therefore, people with severe constipation, do n’t think that squatting toilet is boring or painful, so you want to use your mobile phone or book to pass the time. In fact, the more you do, the more serious the constipation will be. Squatting to the toilet for a long time will cause insufficient blood supply to the head and lower limbs, causing the blood to flow down, causing insufficient blood supply to the brain. This is why it will rose dizzy after a long squat. Blood circulation is blocked for a long time, and when the oxygen supply of cells is lacking, some nerves can be numb, such as leg numbness.

The above is the detailed introduction of how long the squatting toilet squatting and long -term squatting are in detail. Friends with constipation can practice more anal lifting exercises, improve blood circulation, and prevent hemorrhoids. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, go to the hospital for treatment. Friends who have been used to squatting toilets to read newspapers and play mobile phones. When entering the toilet, you must warn yourself not to get mobile phones or newspapers. As for those with obsessive -compulsive disorder, people can swipe the circle of friends first, and then enter the toilet.

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