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How long does it take for children’s mycoplasma pneumonia to treat it?

Pediatric mycoplasma pneumonia needs at least half a month to be better.

If the child’s immunity is low, the treatment may be longer.Mycoplasma pneumonia is caused by mycoplasma infection. It shows cough, high fever, difficulty breathing, rough breathing sounds during the body, weakened or disappeared from local breathing sounds. You can hear phlegm or asthma.The lung percussion is normal.Auxiliary checking chest tablets can appear in -quality pneumonia, increased the shadow density of the grid, or the performance of large leaf pneumonia, and the sheet density is increased.Mycoplasma pneumonia requires intravenous input macalental antibiotics. The volume of mycoplasma is between virus and bacteria. The treatment time is long and about half a month. The treatment is not completely recurrence. Mycoplasma pneumonia needs to be hospitalized for standardized treatment, which can reduce the occurrence of complications.

Mycoplasma pneumonia is a type of pneumonia. It is a pneumoniacoplasma chlamydia caused lung infection, so treatment should be mainly anti -infection.This disease has self -limiting, that is, it can heal itself without treatment, but early use of proper antibiotics can reduce symptoms and shorten the course of the disease.Big rings endone antibiotics are the first choice, such as erythromycin, linsecin, Azithromycin, and clinithromycin, but currently believed that the chlamydia of pneumonia is high to erythromycin, and the effect of using Azithromycin and linsecinin effectswill be better.However, if it is not sensitive to large ring veins, you can choose fluorosonone, such as levofloxacin, Mossishaxing, etc., but you should pay attention to his adverse reactions. Patients under 18 years of age should use fluoroginone drugs with caution.Tetracycline can also be used for the treatment of chlamydia pneumonia in pneumonia, but it can cause dysplasia of tooth yellow stain and enamel dysplasia. Therefore, it is not suitable for patients under 8 years of age. Generally speaking, macroexed is the preferred medicine, which is the safer.

For patients with severe cough, town cough medicines should be given appropriately, including Youmeishafen, Zetovilin, etc., and cannot be abused to treat cough medicines. If bacterial infections are combined, targeted on the pathogenic examination can be selected according to pathogenic examination.Antibiotics.

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