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How long does it take for ovarian cancer to have chemotherapy after surgery

Chemotherapy time is determined according to the postoperative recovery of ovarian cancer, and it is selected within 15-21 days after surgery.

Ovarian is a pair of flat oval glands of women, and is a sexual organs that produce and discharge eggs and secrete steroids.Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the ovaries.Early symptoms are not obvious, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal distension, nausea, and vomiting may occur.Patients should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to extend the patient’s life cycle.Chemotherapy time is determined according to the recovery of patients after ovarian cancer.Chemotherapy is divided into first -line chemotherapy and second -line chemotherapy.First -line chemotherapy is the first most ideal and economic chemotherapy plan for tumor treatment, with high curative effect.Second -line chemotherapy is a treatment plan for tumor recurrence. The first -line chemotherapy scheme is resistant to drugs and has a relatively poor effect.Ovarian cancer is a gynecological malignant tumor.Even after surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is still needed, as well as comprehensive treatment.If patients with ovarian disease still need to be completed after surgery, although there are certain side effects, it is still necessary for the recovery of patients.The purpose of the treatment of ovarian cancer is to relieve patients’ symptoms, control the development of the disease, improve the survival rate of patients, and improve the quality of survival of patients.The doctor will give the corresponding treatment according to the patient’s condition.The treatment of ovarian cancer should emphasize comprehensive treatment, mainly surgical therapy, and supplementary chemotherapy.

Patients should develop regular work and rest time, rest more to avoid fatigue.After the condition is stable, patients can perform proper physical exercise according to their physical tolerance.After chemotherapy, the patient’s body was weak and the response was obvious. Family people needed proper care to avoid accidents and other accidents.Patients with radiation therapy may have local rashes.In daily life, patients should wear loose clothes to avoid friction and skin damage.Patients should eat more unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleum, deep -sea fish oil, and seaweed.Patients can eat more soy products containing more plant estrogen, such as soybeans and tofu.Patients should avoid smoking, mold and food containing nitrite.

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