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How long does it take from chronic cervicitis to cervical cancer?

There is no direct connection between cervicitis and cervical cancer, so cervicitis generally does not change to cervical cancer.

Cervicitis refers to the inflammation of the cervix and is one of the common diseases of the gynecological department.Most of the diseases are caused by pathogenic infections, and there are also causes of chemical stimulation, mechanical stimulation or damage, vaginal flora disorders.Most patients are asymptomatic, and some patients may experience symptoms such as increased vaginal discharge, bleeding during menstruation, and sexual intercourse.After active treatment, the prognosis is generally good.However, if it is not treated in time, infection can diffuse to the uterus, fallopian tube and other parts, which may lead to infertility.Cervicitis is not directly related to cervical cancer.Clinically, cervix infection with human papilloma virus often leads to the occurrence of diseases, which is a continuous process.The progress of the disease is related to the types of papilloma virus infection of high -risk human papilloma virus, especially HPV16 and 18.From high-risk human papilloma virus to cervical cancer, it usually takes 7-10 years.Of course, this is also closely related to the actual situation of the patient, such as immunity, which cannot be generalized.Due to the characteristics of cervical cancer, in daily life, women need to conduct regular cancer screening to control the disease in the bud state, that is, pre -cancer lesions.

During the period of cervicitis, sexual life should be prohibited, you should reasonably arrange your own time, often exercise, and improve your body’s resistance.When suffering from cervicitis, actively treat inflammation, pay attention to hygiene during treatment, adopt the treatment that suits you, and take the medicine to take medicine.Patients with chronic cervicitis should be patient, pay attention to rest, do not be too tired, pay attention to personal hygiene, clean the vulva every day, and wear breathable underwear.The vaginal medication should start on the third day after menstruation, and the medicine is stopped when menstruation comes.Chronic cervicitis should perform cervical cancer screening to avoid deterioration or even cancer, especially women over 40 years old need regular cervical screening.

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