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How long does the uterine cavity adhesion usually occur after the abortion

The uterine cavity adhesion generally occurs in the flow of people from one month to two months, and it is necessary to determine according to its own situation.

In the process of performing artificial abortion surgery, if the physician’s skills are not exquisite, improper operation in the process will likely cause the age of the uterine cavity, but in the process of new abortion surgery, it is mainly to attract and scrape it through negative pressure and clamp scraping.The method of the palace is excreted from the body to achieve the goal of surgery. During the abortion surgery, the endometrial base layer is damaged, which may cause the cervical part or all occlusion.Gulfic adhesion.Some patients may cause symptoms of lower abdomen swelling after a month after surgery, and may be accompanied by anal fall.However, due to the different constitutions of each person, some people will have uterine cavity adhesion in about a month, but some people may need time for a long time, usually in two months of uterine cavity adhesion.

In normal times, you should also pay attention to your own protection work. After the operation, you should pay attention to the review after one month of rest for one month.

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