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How long has the mercury thermometer broken

The mercury thermometer can generally be volatile within 24 hours.

The mercury in the mercury thermometer is mercury in chemistry, a toxic substance, and a silver liquid at room temperature.If the indoor temperature is too high, mercury will evaporate quickly.Therefore, the door of the mercury thermometer should be closed in time, and then the window is opened to ventilate to keep the indoor temperature but the air is not high and the air is fresh.Generally, after this treatment, mercury in the 24 -hour mercury thermometer will volatilize, and generally a small amount of mercury will not cause much harm to the body.When the mercury thermometer has been damaged, you can wear gloves and masks, stick mercury with tape, collect and bury it, or send it to the relevant departments for processing.The melting point and boiling point of liquid mercury are far lower than water, so mercury will soon evaporate.Generally, the speed of evaporation is mainly related to the amount of mercury, and it usually evaporates within a few hours.But for the sake of safety, it is best to buy some sulfur powder from the pharmacy and spray it in a broken place.Sulfur can form a very stable compound with mercury, called mercury sulfide, which is non -toxic to the human body.Don’t be nervous if the mercury thermometer is broken.First of all, buy some sulfur powder and sprinkle it on the broken area. After 2 to 3 hours, clean it, which has no significant impact on air and environment.

Mercury thermometers are often used in daily life. Pay attention to storage to avoid damage.If the wound is in contact with mercury, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.Patients can use potted soil or flour to clean up the broken residues and then handle it simply.Crystal mercury should also be collected in a closed bottle, and the mercury waste should be indicated, and then placed in the hazardous waste treatment facilities.The room where the mercury thermometer is broken cannot be occupied for the time being, especially children and pregnant women, keeping ventilation for at least 24 hours.It should be noted that do not use brooms directly, because mercury will be adsorbed on the broom, causing broom pollution.If you continue to use a grievance with mercury, mercury poisoning may occur.

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