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How long is a man too fast?Experts reveal the three major reasons and treatment countermeasures

As the saying goes, “strong men are afraid of premature ejaculation, mature men are afraid of not lift”. When promoting the same room to promote the relationship between husband and wife, if men have premature ejaculation, this will undoubtedly have great harm to men’s self -esteem and husband and wife relationship.

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Relevant survey data show that more than 50%of men in my country 20-65 have premature ejaculation problems. However, because of the embarrassment and shame of this private problem, most of the premature ejaculation men refused to go to the hospital for medical treatment. They also knew very little about the disease of this piece of disease. They could only swallow this pain in their stomach.

Therefore, in order to help the male compatriots truly understand premature ejaculation and get rid of the torture of premature ejaculation early, Xiao Jiu deliberately consulted Zhou Jun, deputy chief physician of the urology department affiliated to Fudan University.

Today, Xiaojiu talks to everyone about this private topic.

Is it premature ejaculation? Look at the international judgment

Premature ejaculation is the most common male ejection obstacle, which accounts for about 90%of patients with irradiated obstacles. But it is this common problem of sexual dysfunction. Most male compatriots may not know the correct judgment criteria, and there are also many people who have misjudged.

So, what are the cases of premature ejaculation? In fact, there are three aspects of the definition of premature ejaculation internationally:

1. Short ejaculation time: premature ejaculation refers to the short incubation period and fast shooting time, but the specific shooting time standard is currently not uniform, because different men may have different time standards. If combined with international diagnostic standards and Asian characteristics, Chinese men can shoot within 3 minutes in more than 50%of their love. They can be judged as “premature ejaculation”. Generally, they need to go to the hospital for treatment.

2. Do not control ejaculation: During the process of making love, normal men can control independently when shooting thresholds, but premature ejaculation men cannot effectively control the shooting.

3. Patients have negative emotions: Due to the fast shooting, the patient’s psychological emotions will also be greatly affected, and nervousness, anxiety, fear, frustration, or fear of making love because of negative emotions.

At the same time, it should be noted that the above three judgments need to be male and fixed -sex partners. In addition, it was normal for the first time that the marriage couple was the first room in the same room, or the first time in the same room after a long time.

Because at this time, men are too excited, the amount of semen in the body is too much, and the woman will quickly enter the orgasm. In this case, men will shoot faster, but with the next few consecutive rooms in the same room, men’s shooting time Will slowly delay.

3 major reasons, be careful of premature ejaculation coming

The emergence of “premature ejaculation” made many male patients unable to raise their heads in the relationship between husband and wife, and shouted in my heart, “Why do I get this disease!”

In the end why premature ejaculation appears, come, Xiaojiu will summarize the reason now.

1. Psychological factors

In this regard, men’s sexual psychology is often fragile. When a chance occurs by chance, the men’s psychology will be affected to some extent.

In the next sexual relationship, men will feel and fear because of this influence, but the greater the psychological burden, the faster the shooting, which will cause a malignant follow -up, causing premature ejaculation problems to cause premature ejaculation problems Appear.

At present, this psychological factors are the main causes of premature ejaculation.

2. Pathological factors

When men suffer from prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, diabetes and other chronic diseases, as the physical function is affected by these diseases, it will cause men to have premature ejaculation in love.

In addition, when a male foreskin is too long and the young monk is wrapped in foreskin for a long time, it will also cause men to cause premature ejaculation due to the too sensitive of the young monk.

In addition, when facing the problem of premature ejaculation, most male patients refuse to seek medical treatment in time because they are afraid of shame, which will make the problem of premature ejaculation more and more serious.

3. Bad habits

In life, many men have their own habits, and in the process of their own hands, because they are afraid of others to know, they often shine in a hurry and end. This is the case for a long time, which will undoubtedly cause premature ejaculation.

In addition to excessive hands, many men like to wear tight underwear and pants every day, and this will cause excessive stimulation to their reproductive organs, and it is also easy to cause premature ejaculation.

How to treat premature ejaculation and listen to doctors

“Then get premature ejaculation, what examinations do patients need to do, and how to treat it?”

After understanding the cause of premature ejaculation, what you may want to know now is the most important inspection and treatment of premature ejaculation.

First of all, regarding the issue of premature ejaculation inspection, Xiao Jiu learned from Dr. Zhou that strictly speaking, by checking the project, if everyone often says that the sensitivity of the small monk to judge premature ejaculation, the actual value is not great Essence

In fact, general premature premature ejaculation patients do not need to check first when they come to the hospital. Instead, the doctor can judge whether there is a problem of premature ejaculation by asking the patient’s shooting time and shooting control time and other real feelings.

In the later treatment stage, in order to discharge other diseases, grasp the specific cause and seriousness of the disease, and achieve precise treatment, doctors may allow patients to do related tests, but there are no fixed examination items that patients think. In the face of this sexual dysfunction, how to treat the patient’s satisfactory shooting time requires doctors to treat targeted treatment based on different causes of male patients.

At present, in various clinical methods of treating premature ejaculation, there are three methods: drug treatment, psychotherapy, and surgical treatment. You can take a look.

Most of the premature ejaculation therapy depends on the use of drugs. Among them, the more classic drug treatment is SSRI, also known as antidepressant anxiety drugs, such as Dharitin and Shequlin.

Patients can significantly reduce the excitement of the nerves after using these drugs, so that the sexual impulse of our overall cerebral cortex can be reduced, thereby extending the same time. However, it should be noted that these drugs have certain side effects, and patients must take it under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, there are some local anesthesia drugs that can apply the penis head in front of the same room to prolong the incubation period through local anesthesia, but they need to be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Psychotherapy is aimed at premature ejaculation patients with psychological disorders. It needs necessary psychological dredging to eliminate fear and anxiety of sexual function. At the same time, in the process of psychotherapy, the wife needs to participate in the treatment, because the woman maintains a considerate and caring attitude, and gives the comfort to the words and behaviors, which can greatly help men re -establish confidence.

Finally, surgical treatment is currently mainly traditional penile back nerve cutting. Although the effect of this surgery is recognized to a certain extent, its safety and effectiveness still need to be studied. Therefore, patients who can improve the time of shooting through drugs will not consider surgery.

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Now, everyone has a certain understanding of premature ejaculation! Xiao Jiu reminded male compatriots to do not be ashamed when we find that I have sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation, and hurry up to go to a regular doctor’s orrology or urology. Don’t buy medicine privately to make it more serious.

*This article has passed Zhou Jun, deputy chief physician of the Department of Urology, East China Hospital affiliated to Fudan University

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