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How long is the cervical polyp surgery review

Cervical polyps are usually reviewed after 1 month after surgery.

After cervical polyps, women need to review, and the purpose of review at different time periods is also different.For one month after the cervical polyps is removed, a routine review should be performed to understand the healing of the wound, whether there is inflammation, and give the symptomatic guidance and treatment.In addition, every six months to one year after surgery, gynecological examinations should be carried out regularly to understand whether there is a possibility of cervical polyps recurrence.Cervical polyps are benign hyperplasia.If there is persistent vaginal inflammation or chronic cervical inflammation, it is likely to relapse after surgery, so it should be reviewed regularly after surgery.Cervical polyps patients are generally asymptomatic and are often found during gynecological or related examinations.A small number of patients will experience excessive leucorrhea, intermittent menstrual bleeding or post -sex bleeding, and menstrual disorders and menstrual flow than usual.The increase in leucorrhea is the transparent secretion of mucus.During secondary infections, the vaginal secretion is purulent and yellow, and it has an unpleasant smell.A small number of patients have large cervical polyps. The polyps fall off from the vaginal mouth and rubbing necrosis. It can cause foreign objects in the vaginal mouth, blood stains in shorts, itching of vulva, and odor.The larger cervical polyps will block the cervix, which will cause vaginal congestion in severe cases, hindering the combination of sperm entering the uterus and eggs, increasing the risk of infertility.Large polyps can also compress the area, causing the lumbosacral discomfort and the symptoms of bladder and rectal compression.

The measures to prevent the recurrence of cervical polyps mainly include the following aspects: pay attention to sexual hygiene, properly control the frequency of sexual life, and avoid extramarital sex and menstrual behavior.Take effective contraceptive measures to reduce the incidence of abortion and induction, and reduce the possibility of artificial trauma and acute infections.If the moon passes short or too long, go to the hospital for active treatment in time.Avoid excessive cleaning vagina.The female reproductive system has its own cleaning effect.Excessive cleaning can cause vaginal environmental disorders. For example, the vagina is rinsed with high concentration disinfection agents frequently, affecting the growth of normal flora, and may cause inflammation and cervical polyps.

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