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How long is the cervical polyps remove after surgery?

After the cervical polyps are removed, we usually rest for about 1-3 days.

Cervical polyps may be hyperplasia of cervical tissue caused by chronic inflammation or cervical infection, which is limited hyperplasia.Mainly removed through surgery. After surgery, the removed polyps tissue should undergo pathological examinations to determine its nature.If the cervical polyps are good after removal, it usually takes 1-3 days to rest.If it is accompanied by high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia and other diseases, the physical condition is poor, the postoperative recovery is relatively slow, and the rest time is longer.It may need to rest for half a month to about one month, and there are certain individual differences in the specific rest time.

After the cervical polyps surgery, it is recommended to perform postoperative care in strict accordance with the doctor’s order. Pay attention to recovery, which is conducive to postoperative recovery.

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