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How long is the men’s patience limit for sleep?Three men spoke in my heart

For newlywed couples, the relationship is strong, and they can’t wait to be a pendant. They stick to the other half with the other half.

However, as time is stretched, the contradictions slowly prominent, and the two people who often have paint -like paint suddenly become a room to sleep, which is a torture for both parties.Today, Sister NA takes everyone from the perspective of men to discuss those things to sleep in separate rooms.

First, 29 years old, married 3 years old, forced to go through “bachelor -style marriage”

Can you imagine that after getting married, it is better to spend it alone?Although I have been married for 3 years, my life is almost no different from that of bachelor.I was married at the age of 26. When I was married at this age, I said that it was not too early. It was not too late.

I thought that life opened a new page. I did not expect that marriage life was really like a grave.

Before the child was born, the feeling of our two or the life of the husband and wife was normal, but there was a little bit that his wife would never take the initiative.At first I thought it was a woman who was relatively implicit, so I didn’t take it at my heart, thinking that as long as the two people were familiar with the time, they could slowly let go.

But the situation is not the case at all. Slowly, I feel that she is not attentive about that kind of thing.Some people may say that his wife does not love me, but in all aspects of life, she performs very normally, and she is considerate in all aspects, and it can even be said to be meticulous.But after all, I am a man, and I still have that demand.

After the child was born, I felt that she became more indifferent in that kind of thing.And as the child grew up day by day, she actually proposed to sleep with me in bed, saying that it was to take care of her son better.

I was very disagreed at first, but she couldn’t hold her told me every day that I finally compromised and rolled to the living room to sleep on the sofa every night. She slept with her son.My own house is a one -bedroom. There is no extra bedroom. She wants to sleep separately, and I can only sleep on the sofa.

What I didn’t expect is that I sleep like this for three years!In the past three years, I ca n’t say that I have n’t slept at the bedroom at all, but I can pat the breast and say that I have lived a single dog for three years. Even if I made a noise into the bedroom, she would not let me touch her.


This is not a day when people live, but there is a wife, but nothing can be done.I couldn’t help it once, saying that she was cold and asked her to see a doctor.But she was crying with me, saying that I didn’t love her anymore.

I also said that all aspects of my life took me well. Why do they have to think about that kind of thing every day, and people are not animals.I was very speechless when I heard it, but she was right, and she was really impeccable in other aspects.

Today, I don’t even know what to do.I think I will slowly be tortured by her.I feel that I do n’t even want to say the proposal of divorce, let ’s make up.

Two or 33 years old, 8 years of marriage, which man will take the initiative to mention such requirements

Sleep in bed?Do you want to die, right?Any normal husband and wife, no man will take the initiative to make a request to sleep in bed, which is absolutely impossible, unless the women in this world have become men.

I have been married for 8 years, and I never thought about which day I had to sleep with my wife.I think women are extremely sensitive creatures. Even if they are a look, they may inadvertently evoke many ideas in her heart.

If you really put forward the obvious and unreasonable requirements of sleeping in bed, imagine what a woman’s heart will look like.Unless the relationship between the husband and wife is completely derailed, men do not want to see her in minutes, so there may be the possibility of sleeping in bed.

But if the couple’s relationship is in that step, both of them will basically divorce early.In other words, no matter how the husband and wife feelings will not be too bad to sleep, unless his wife has AIDS.

Three or 42 years old, 12 years of marriage, does not affect the relationship between husband and wife, are deceiving

The distance of beauty is a nonsense. In fact, the couple who sleeps in bed in fact means that the relationship between the two has been sentenced to death.

I tell you, don’t believe in any old husband and wife, two people are familiar with, and there is nothing wrong with sleeping separately.Tell you that once people are 40 years old, once they have the idea of sleeping separately, it is equivalent to starting to build a high wall between two people.

I have regretted building this high wall now.Although my interest in the life of husband and wife is no longer strong when I was young, but a person sleeps on a bed, can you realize the loneliness and loneliness that no one around you is?

It is said that young couples come, which makes sense. Only when the couple sleeps in a bed all day, can they know the breath of the other person and even the other party’s thoughts.Imagine that you don’t understand the body language of the other person and don’t understand the expression of the other party. How can you judge the mood of the other party?

To understand these, you must be able to understand by sleeping on a bed.Therefore, even if the couple who sleeps separately, even if there is no divorce permit, in fact, it has equal to receiving a divorce certificate.

Fourth, the husband and wife sleep in separate rooms, how long is the patience of men’s patience?

· Two or three days

The younger people, the shorter the time to sleep separately. Of course, this is from the perspective of a man.The 30 -year -old little king felt that he couldn’t persist for a maximum of two or three days.

Even if his original quarrel was wrong, he would take the initiative to admit his mistakes and choose to go back to the room to sleep together.After all, the couple’s quarrel did not have overnight revenge, and willing to sleep together is also a deep embodiment of the two people’s feelings.Besides, I can’t help but stay together.· Half a month

Some men can choose to persist for half a month, but the reason for the separation to sleep is also a quarrel.Li Wen felt that the limit he could persist was half a month. Although his relationship with his wife was very average, he did not make trouble to divorce.

If two people quarrel because of trivial matters, they will take the initiative to divide the house. No one says anything, which is the beginning of the Cold War.Generally, Li Wen will choose to compromise for about half a month. He knows that this is not a way, because the longer the time, the greater the risk of the two people’s feelings.Generally, by actively admitting and speaking, the Cold War will end.

· One month

Lao Zhang felt that he could sleep separately from his wife for a month, and then there was no problem.Old Zhang is in his fifty years old and has been married to his wife for more than 20 years.Although the gap between sleeping separately is not as obvious as young people, it still feels a bit lost in my heart.

However, when I sleep in the bed, my wife generally does not matter whether I play mobile phones or games. This is also more happy.But Lao Zhang was very clear. Everything is too late, and he cannot be separated for too long, otherwise the relationship will be really sparse.

So it usually lasts for a month, and Lao Zhang will take the initiative to return to the room, even if his wife confiscates his mobile phone, he is also willing.

Basically, all husbands and wives in the state of relatively normal emotional state will not choose to sleep in bed, and sleeping in bed often means emotional problems.Whether it is a quarrel or a reason, it is a choice made in the state of the two people, and once the two sides calm down, those negative emotions will slowly calm down.

There are even some husbands and wives in life, even if the quarrel does not speak each other, they will not sleep in bed, and then at a certain moment, the embarrassing situation suddenly relieves, and the gap between the two people disappears without a trace.Essence

Therefore, no matter what the husband and wife, the one who can sleep together will try to sleep together, and the relationship can only be cultivated deeper.Even if it is caused by quarrels and other reasons, do not continue to sleep for a long time.

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