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How long is the natural abortion? What are the daily precautions of patients with sexual abortion?

Every expectant mother hopes that their fetus can develop healthy and grow up, and it will not fall to the ground until the full month, but many pregnant women in life will eventually occur for natural abortion because of this. Regrettable things, but in order to help the body better recover, after natural abortion, we should still take relevant nursing measures. How long can natural abortion be sexual life? What are the daily precautions of patients with natural abortion? Let’s take a closer look!

How long can natural abortion be sex?

The problem of how long the natural miscarriage can be sexual life, in fact, the matters that need attention after natural abortion and artificial abortion are almost the same. Especially on the issue of sexual life, it is not recommended that women live sexual life in the same room early after abortion. In order to avoid the problem of infection, it is generally not possible to have sex within at least one month after miscarriage. For those who are slower in the body, it is necessary to appropriately extend the time according to their own situation.

In addition to being unable to live sexual life, what are the daily precautions of natural abortion patients?

(1) Life must be regular

There are many reasons for natural miscarriage. In order to avoid difficulty recovery after abortion, women must pay attention to regular daily life and rest. It is guaranteed to have at least 8 hours of sleep time every day. Only when sleep is sufficient, the body will recover faster.

(2) Do a good job of personal hygiene cleaning

The cervix of women after abortion is open, and at this time, the body is very weak. As a woman, we must pay attention to personal hygiene cleaning, change clothes, take a bath frequently, and replace sanitary napkins regularly to avoid the may occur in bacterial infections. Essence

(3) Pay attention to nutritional intake

After abortion, the body of women will be very weak. At this time, you must pay attention to nutritional intake, especially if you eat more vitamin and protein rich foods, which can better promote physical recovery.

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The above is the introduction of how long the natural abortion can be sexual life. In fact, whether it is natural or artificial abortion, it is necessary to temporarily avoid sexual life after abortion. At the same time, we should take other nursing measures to make the body better.

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