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How long should a baby bottle be changed?

Should the bottle be replaced with a new one? This is a problem that many parents care about. This problem should be determined according to the material of the bottle. The use of the bottle of different materials is also different, because some materials will release harmful substances when disinfection at high temperatures after aging.

1. Glass bottle

Glass bottle is usually made of heat -resistant glass. The material is safe, high -temperature resistant, high, and high. It will not release harmful substances in acidic or alkaline substances. As long as it is not broken, it can be used for a long time, but pay attention to replace the pacifier in time.

2.PP milk bottle


PP is polypropylene. The material is safe without bisphenol A. It can withstand high temperatures above 100 ° C. Light and falling, affordable, but poor abrasion resistance. Frequent brushing bottle body is easy to wear and easy to leave milk dirt. Generally, 6 are recommended Replace the new baby bottle around the month. If the surface is damaged, it needs to be replaced in time.

3.ppsu bottle

PPSU is a polyphenylphenylphenylphenylpin. It is a safe maternal and baby supplies. The high temperature resistance is 180 ° C. The transparency can be comparable to the glass bottle, and it is not easy to scratch, but the price is relatively expensive. Because plastic is easier to aging than glass, it is generally recommended to replace 6-8 months. If damage occurs, it will be replaced immediately.

4.PES bottle

PES is a polyetherbald resin, which are similar to PPSU. It can withstand high temperatures above 180 ° C, good permeability, wear resistance, and more expensive. In order to avoid the harm caused by plastic aging, if you use frequent recommendations 6-8 Monthly replace.

In addition, the pacifier also needs to be replaced in time. In addition to meeting the needs of the baby, the problem of aging pacifier also needs to be considered. Generally, the silicone pacifier is recommended to be replaced every 3 months.

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