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How many days can you tell everyone?

In daily life, if women do not take contraceptive measures to get pregnant, they need to be killed by abortion surgery, but there is time limit for abortion surgery. It must be done within the prescribed time. So how many days can people flow? Let’s take a look at the common sense in this regard.

How many days can people flow? Under normal circumstances, women find that they can perform abortion surgery within 10 weeks of pregnancy, but the best time to perform abortion surgery is 40-50 days pregnant, because the fetus and placenta have not completely formed during 40-50 days of pregnancy. The discomfort reactions during the operation will be relatively small, the amount of bleeding is relatively small, and the surgery will not cost much time to reduce the impact on the body.

If women have been pregnant for 10-14 weeks, they have missed the best time to perform abortion surgery, because at this time the embryo has gradually grown up, the placenta has been formed, the uterus has become very large, and at this time, it is difficult to perform abortion surgery at this time. It has increased a lot. It may be more bleeding after surgery, and it is very slow to recover.

If the number of days of pregnancy has exceeded 100 days, it is necessary to perform painless drainage surgery, which greatly increases the pain and danger of surgery in pregnant women. It can be seen that abortion surgery has less risk than drainage surgery, which is both safe and will not have much impact on the body.

The reason why female friends have to perform abortion surgery in the best time is that the embryo has not been completely formed during this time, and the uterus is not very large. It is very easy to suck the gestational sac, and the difficulty of the operation is very small. In addition to time, there are factors that affect the success of abortion surgery, as well as surgical hospitals, doctors, and abortion techniques. I hope that women must be more cautious.

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How many days can people flow? From the introduction of the above article, we know that under the general circumstances within 10 weeks of pregnancy, you can perform abortion surgery, but the best time for abortion surgery should be 40-50 days pregnant. At this time The impact is very small, but it is not recommended that women often perform abortion surgery.

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