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How many do you know about the “killing master” by the man?

The importance of sperm to a man is beyond doubt. Without it, there is no productive forces, and it is impossible to create excellent offspring. Many excellent men began to store their sperm when they were young, and some even sold strong sperm to those who could not give birth. family.

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There was a paragraph on the Internet that a thief slipped into a strict place in the middle of the night. After opening the insurance library after thousands of hardships, he found that all the jelly inside was all jelly. The jelly left, the next day local newspaper news headlines: “Shock! Sperm bank crazy stolen “!

男人身旁的“杀精高手” 你知道几个?

The reason why the sperm bank is tightly alert is that the sperm carries too many tasks and does not allow any damage. The birth of a healthy baby requires a combination of health sperm and eggs. The health of sperm cannot be ignored. In reality, there are many “masters of killing” next to men. Do you know what?

High -water silver seafood poisonous dead sperm

Reproductive medical experts remind men that eating seafood should be appropriate, and mercury will not only affect the activities and quantity of sperm, but also accumulate in the body for a long time will also damage the body. Studies have found that if infertility men eat 4 times or more a week, seafood meals with fish, shrimp and crabs are the main dish. The mercury content of hair is 5.38ppm, which is nearly 40 % higher than men with normal fertility. The average mercury content of men’s hair is only 0.38ppm.

Stress forced to death sperm

Researchers at the School of Public Health of Columbia University found that psychological pressure will affect sperm and semen quality, including decreased sperm concentration in semen, changes in sperm appearance, and decline in conception. Dr. Pam Facter-Litvakk said: “Men with greater pressure, sperm concentration in semen is usually low, sperm is more prone to deformity, and vitality is poor.” As for psychological pressure The mechanism that affects the quality of semen is unclear. Researchers speculate that stress may cause the release of glucocorticoids.

Bicycle squeeze hot dead sperm

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During the competition, the 15 Spanish Iron Man athletes “reduced their sperm activity to abnormal low levels.” Researchers have found that normal sperm accounts for only 10%of the total sperm (normal value is 15%-20%), and those who cyc up 300 kilometers per week are reduced to 4%, and 4%exactly exactly exactly the exactly exactly the exorcism of 4%. Critical value of male infertility.

Smoke and alcohol sperm

Tobacco and alcohol affect human health, and sperm is difficult to escape. Nicotine in cigarettes interferes with the secretion of sex hormones in men and has a direct lethality for sperm. In addition, long -term drinking will also affect sperm development.

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