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How much calcium does a child need?If you consume calcium, you should not be more or less!

Calcium is the fundamental guarantee of bone health. Everyone who is a mother hopes that their baby has a strong body and hopes that the baby is sufficient in calcium. Then the problem comes. How much is the baby’s calcium intake?

In fact, the amount of calcium at different stages of calcium is different. When the mother supplement nutrition for the child, she needs to pay attention not to be greedy and not missing. The specific calcium intake of the baby is shown below:

1. Born until 6 months:

The daily calcium recommended intake is 400 mg per day. For babies feed by breastfeeding, the average calcium intake of calcium 6 months before birth, about 250 mg to 330 mg per day Bate (about one liter of milk content), and the absorption rate of calcium is about 55 to 60 % of maternal milk. For baby formulas with milk as a material, the calcium absorption rate is low, about 40 %, and the calcium content contained in the general infant formula is almost twice as the calcium content in breast milk.

Therefore, whether it is a child to feed the feeding of breast milk or baby formula, the daily calcium is kept between about 150 milligrams to two hundred milligrams. The calcium obtained should be enough for bone growth and development.

2. After 6 months to 12 months, young children

The average daily calcium intake is between 400 and 700 mg, and the daily nutrients recommended intake of daily nutrients in my country are 500 milligrams. Such a recommended amount seems to be enough to provide complete calcium intake.

3. For young children one to three years old

The daily recommended amount of calcium is 600 milligrams. Parents can calculate the calcium intake by the food that the child takes daily, and whether the daily nutrients are recommended to evaluate whether the additional calcium is required. quality.

It can be passed through:

(1) Diet.

(2) Calcium enhanced food.

(3) Calcium supplement (calcium tablets).

For calcium supplement, it is best to come from food or calcium enhanced foods rich in calcium. If the diet really cannot achieve sufficient calcium intake, you can consider the supplement of calcium tablets.

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