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How much can you know if impotence does not heal

The word impotence is often heard in daily life, but in fact, many people do not pay attention to this problem. Even if mild impotence symptoms occur, most of them use “bad status” to make excuses for themselves. As everyone knows, if the impotence is not treated, it will cause a blow to men’s physical and mental health, and threatened men’s physical health.

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Impotence is a more common sexual dysfunction disease of men, which brings great harm to men’s self -confidence and health. The common harm of impotence is common:

First of all, when I have impotence, it is not treated in time. In the long run, the relationship between husband and wife must be affected to a certain amount, and even causes cold feelings and the marriage is broken.

Secondly, impotence will bring a heavy psychological burden on patients. Most patients with impotence have this kind of psychology. When they suffer from this disease, they are afraid of being known to others. When they are in their hearts, they are distressed and depressed for a long time, which will cause patients to be passionate, negative, and even cause psychological illness.

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In addition, impotence can also affect fertility. We all know that the condition of impotence has different degrees. It is divided into three cases: mild, moderate, and severe. Impotence is often manifested as an unable to erected or an erection, which affects normal sexual life. In severe cases, it is unable to complete sexual life, which will naturally affect fertility.

The above content is about the relevant content of the harm of impotence and not healing. Everyone has fully understood the above content. I hope everyone can recognize the harm of impotence. I believe that everyone now has a certain importance. The importance is not to relax for a moment.

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