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How much is the probability of marriage happiness before marriage?

The so -called marriage is no longer a story that I heard before: Everyone is half of the apples split by God, looking for the other half in the world. Marriage is not always a 100%girl. The most suitable wedding object is “child’s father”. Because at this moment, you want this child, you want a home. Marriage seemed to finally become logical. Fengzi is married. Many times, it is no longer an accident in the lower body, but a choice of water -to -channel success. However, how much is the chance of marriage with unmarried pregnancy?

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Case: Xiaoyu is a beautiful girl at home in the suburbs. She is 19 years old, with a slender figure and clever. After graduating from high school, he went home to help his parents start a business. In business exchanges, I met a handsome guy. The young man was a city with a wealthy family. The simple little rain fell in love with him at first sight. After a month of dating him, after watching the movie one night, he was taken to his own home by the young man, and a relationship occurred. Xiao Yu, immersed in happiness and sweetness, did not realize that his doom is coming. Two months later, when the Xiaoyu who was pregnant was eager to find the young man, the young man told her: she already had a girlfriend and was engaged. The child could only find a doctor to get a fetus. The kind Xiaoyu’s heart was blank, and the sun was still brilliant, and the dreams of concluding the reason with the people of the intentions were suddenly gloomy and terrible. Xiao Yu, who was afraid of abortion, returned home alone, silently endured the first soreness and sadness in life. Two months later, when the signs of pregnancy could not be covered, Xiao Yu’s parents became furious. But for the daughter’s reputation, the mother hurriedly trusted the media. A month later, Xiaoyu helplessly got into a wedding car and married a divorced man in a city. Two months later, Xiaoyu ran back to her mother’s house with a scar. Painly told the man how the man beat her across the five places.

Netizens’ point of view

未婚先孕 婚姻幸福机率有多大?

Romantic Angel: I am a person who comes over. I advise all my sisters that unmarried pregnancy will not be happy first!

IMM-GY: The possibilities of rational analysis, you will find that the most disadvantaged first pregnancy is the woman. It is not simple to face the heart and physiological problems. Girls who have not experienced may not feel it. But once things happen, it is too late. In a word, it is not a bad thing to know how to protect yourself at some point.

A touch of youthful smile: I don’t think there is any unhappiness before the marriage is unmarried. My husband and I are like this. Although it is hard, it is very happy.

Tanuki ☆ Fox: The most boring first pregnancy first! The most ignorant! Not to mention that it is more open now than before. People say in the back.

Xinqing: Still not to be pregnant first. Maybe you think it’s not something sooner or later, anyway, I want to marry him. That’s not the case. My experience tells me not to get pregnant first, don’t let myself regret it. Some are not determined by emotions, but also consider family issues.

Like Shui Nian Hua: When you get on the car first, you will be a bit hasty when you get married. Don’t regret it in the future. “Naked Marriage Age” is a typical example. The two have rushed to get married because they have no economic foundation because of their children. After the child is born, the child is facing greater economic pressure. Love is finally defeated by reality. Are you ready?

123: It may not be a good thing to get pregnant first. My husband is very good to me. It is good to my son and very happy. I think it depends on the right person. It is not important to be good. As long as one person who loves you can go to the second half of your life, it is happiness.

Editor’s notes: In real life, there are still many phenomena of unmarried first pregnancy, including accidental behavior of men and women during normal love. Some girls often advocate abortion after they are pregnant, which is a very dangerous behavior. Especially for girls under 18 years of age, because the ovaries and cardiovascular, etc. have not yet developed, the surgery is more dangerous. Many girls do not dare to tell parents before they are not married that they cannot be fully rest after abortion. Some have sex within one month of abortion, which can cause various gynecological diseases, which can also cause ectopic or infertility. Even adult women should try to avoid the result of unmarried pregnancy. Unmarried first pregnancy will cause the woman’s excessive psychological burden, but also affect their physical health, and may also adversely affect future marriage.

Happy love is desired by everyone, and a happy marriage is expected by everyone. The girl who was blinded by false love, did you realize the danger of your situation? Do you think of the men and women who are in love, do you think of preventing unmarried pregnancy first?


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