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How pain is bedsores?You really don’t understand

Speaking of bedsores, many young people are unclear. However, if you have a long -term illness in your home, you know that the probability of the disease of bedsores will be much higher.

After the occurrence of bedsores, the patient will feel pain, and it hurts when it touches. If you do not intervene in time after suffering from bedsores, the quality of life of patients will be severely reduced.

What is bedsores?

Matter sores, also known as pressure ulcers and pressure ulcers, refer to the blood circulation due to the long -term pressure of the body’s local skin, which causes damage, ulcer, and even necrosis of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Generally speaking, bedsores often occur in people who have been bed or unchanged for a long time.

Matter sores generally go through four stages:

In the first stage, the limited erythema of non -fading; the second stage, hurting part of the cortex damage of the dermis layer; the third stage: the full layer injury of the subcutaneous tissue, the support structure of the muscles, tendons, bones, etc. The fourth stage: hurt the entire layer of damage of the subcutaneous tissue, which affects the support structure of muscle, tendon, bone.

If there are bedsores, it must be treated in time. Next, introduce how to treat bedsores together.

do you know? Bedsore should be so cured

The bedsores are slightly mild. You can change your position on a regular basis, use special equipment (such as mattresses) to reduce pressure, use external dressing to help promote ulcer healing, while ensuring sufficient nutritional supply. Infection can be used with external sterilization agents, local painkillers, and antibiotics and analgesic drugs.

If there are more necrotic tissues in the bedsores, the wounds are needed to use surgical surgical equipment, high -pressure water injection, ultrasonic waves and other methods to promote wound healing. For severe bedsores that cannot heal yourself, surgery is needed to close the wound, accelerate wound healing, and reduce the risk of infection. Generally speaking, after completely cleaning the wound, use other healthy skin tissues to cover the wound.

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If people who have a long -term bed or inconvenience in the family suffer from bedsores, do not have to worry too much, and scientific treatment in time, bedsores can basically heal. As early as possible, treatment as soon as possible, and healed as soon as possible.

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