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How parents teach babies to learn storytelling stories

When parents see the young babies on TV and the stage vividly telling interesting stories, do they feel very envious? Do you also hope that your baby can have such a strong expression ability and language level? As long as the parents can guide correctly, each baby can be the king of the story. Native

Teach babies to learn storytelling

When parents see the young babies on TV and the stage vividly telling interesting stories, do they feel very envious? Do you also hope that your baby can have such a strong expression ability and language level? As long as the parents can guide correctly, each baby can be the king of the story.

Every baby can be the king of the story

Teaching your baby to tell stories not only can effectively improve his language expression ability, but also cultivate observation, imagination, and logical thinking ability. It can be said that it is the simplest comprehensive and comprehensive training method. So, what is the correct guidance?

Let your baby make useful creativity

I believe that every parents have bought books for their babies. Those illustrations with exquisite illustrations, comic comics with graphics and texts, and those vivid comics, accompany everyone’s childhood, parents should try to use these effective tools to educate the baby Essence

When getting a new story book or album, parents usually tell the baby first, and repeat the baby after repeating it a few times. At this time, adults tend to be amazing about the amazing memory of the baby. Many babies can almost repeat what their parents said. The differences between the parents several times before and after their parents showed the objection appropriately.

But do you know that although this method has largely excavated the baby’s memory, it inevitably limits their imagination. Why are there so many educators calling not to let the babies addicted to TV? Because during the process of watching TV, the baby only mechanically remember and passively accept it, but could not participate and create.

And this kind of storytelling repeatedly repeatedly has the same work as watching TV. The baby already has a fixed framework at the beginning of contact with this new book. Although the same painting can see different meanings, but because of this framework, it is because of this framework. They cannot play their imagination to compile another story.

In addition, babies often ignore the pattern elements that have not been edited into the story in the picture, such as small trees, small grass, and white clouds in the sky, and only pay attention The protagonist, often because of the plot, makes the color and shape look less important, so the babies can pay attention and get only one plot.

The most correct way to get a new book is to read every picture with your baby first and let them tell what they see. The books that are read for babies are often very bright in color, and the shapes of the characters are very simple. This reading cultivates the baby’s observation and improves their aesthetic ability.

In fact, each painting can become a story independently, so the parents can use the elements in the painting to compile the story with the baby, but do not ask the plot, but seek logic. For a little baby (over 3 years old), you can also put a few associated paintings together to let them make a organized story. Finally, use the traditional method to tell the story of the book on the book, and let him comment whether it is nice or good in the book. Not only is the comment, but also the reason. In this way, it can be regarded as a real “book”.

Story connecting dragon -new storytelling method

Remember the idioms that I played when I was a kid? Teach your baby to tell stories, or you can come to a “story to connect dragons”. Many parents feel that they have limited imagination, and there are no literary cells, and there is no story. In fact, there is no need to worry about this at all, because as long as you try a few times, you will be surprised to find that you don’t have to worry about arranging the plot at all. The storyline compiled by the babies is often beyond the imagination of parents.

For example, once a mother and child tell the story, the beginning of the first sentence was “In the past, there was a little rabbit …” I thought that the son had made a big gray wolf, carrots, etc. The sentence is “Little Rabbit, it has a pair of swimming trunks, but it can’t swim …” So the whole direction changed completely, and the story revolved around how to make swimming trunks use it. A good story beyond the traditional framework.

There are stories everywhere in life. For example, it is difficult to pass the time in the car, so let the baby look at what can be written outside the window. A kite hanging from the thread is hung on the tree, so the mother said, “A little kite flies. I accidentally hung on the tree … “The son thought about it and then said,” The kite cried, it said to the tree, “I want to go home, I want to go home to find a mother. ‘…” How about a little kite? After leaving the branch’s entanglement, the story of flying to the sky to find your mother is completed in your words. Don’t think there is no material to tell stories. In the eyes of the baby’s eyes, a little sparrow, a yellow leaf, and a bright flower can make a vivid and interesting story.

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When playing the story to pick up the dragon, parents should pay attention to two points. Their thinking logic cannot be as tight as adults, so adults need to help him compile the story successfully and be able to tell himself.This help must grasp the scale, you don’t have to be more aggressive, you can use some questions to point out the unexpected features in the story, let the baby find a way to make up for it.The second point is that when many older babies make stories, they will be more chaotic and too far. There are no centers and themes. At this time, adults have to help to pull their thinking when the next sentence.return.This kind of mini -game is very interesting. It can be unlimited by the venue, no books props, and everything is available. It has trained the comprehensive ability of all aspects of the baby in a wide range.Do babies also become kings of storytelling? Try it quickly.

(Intern editor: Liu Yinying)

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