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How should babies warm in winter?

Babies are relatively fragile, especially in winter, the decrease in temperature can easily cause the baby’s various diseases. Therefore, the warmth of the baby is a top priority that parents need to pay attention to in winter. Do you know how to keep your baby warm in winter? Let’s take a look from the four aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation!

How should babies warm in winter?

Clothing: Little babies are not as weak as parents, as long as they follow the “one more than adults”. Avoid wrapped tightly, ensure that the baby’s hands and feet are warm, stretched and moved freely, and it is beneficial to the development of fine movements of hands and feet.

Food: It allows babies to eat foods rich in protein, sugar, vitamins, fat and trace elements, such as meat, milk, seafood, beans, sweet potatoes, eggs and vegetables.

Living: The room temperature is generally maintained at 22-24 ° C. It should also pay attention to humidity. Too low will make the baby’s respiratory tract dry and sticky mucus; too high can help the growth of allergens in the respiratory tract, generally keep it at about 50%, keep the air, keep the air, and keep the air. Fresh and clean, often open windows to change gas.

Line: The weather conditions are allowed to ensure outdoor activities 1-2 hours a day, take the baby out to bask in the sun, and feel a little cold air to enhance the skin’s adaptation adjustment function.

We should pay great attention to the warmth of new babies, do not deliberately keep warm, and also pay attention to preventing colds.

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