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How terrible to the metastasis of colorectal cancer in Taiwan due to colorectal cancer metastasis?

Yesterday, the news of the death of the host of the king in Taiwan spread throughout the Internet. His “Pig Brother Liang Song Hall Show” has swept the entire China and Southeast Asia. His funny performances brought countless joy to the audience. He was originally declared only four months in 2014, but he laughed at the Demon of the colorectal cancer. He lived for 3 years before leaving the stage of the world. So far, colorectal cancer has eroded his 80%of his liver, and liver failure has made him unable to resist.




The large intestinal cancer is metastasis, so that the clock of life will go fast instantly

In the impression of Xiaobian, colorectal cancer is not a terrible cancer, and teenagers may suffer from teenagers. If it is found and removed in the early days, you can live like an ordinary person, and do not need long -term medication. Patients with local colorectal cancer have a 5 -year survival rate of 90%. However, patients like Pig Brother Liang have metastasis, and the treatment effect is not as good as early treatment. The 5 -year survival rate in the distance is about 10%in the distance.

In addition to chaos in the intestine, colorectal cancer cells will also run to other organs for chaos. The liver is the place where it is second. In addition to the liver, the lungs and abdominal cavity are also more common. Although the brain and bones are the parts of the transliteration of colorectal cancer, they are not common.

How to treat patients with colorectal cancer to keep you?

Early colorectal cancer, surgery is the main treatment method, and after liver metastasis of colorectal cancer, it cannot represent the opportunity for treatment. Nearly a quarter of colorectal cancer patients can be removed, and the 5-year survival rate can reach 30%-50%. However, most people have large tumors, large numbers or accumulation of nearby blood vessels, cannot be removed, and have a poor survival rate in 5 years. You can try targeted drugs and chemotherapy drugs.

The metastasis of colorectal cancer is dangerous and the treatment is tricky. To stay away from colorectal cancer, prevent it from treatment far, everything is too late to wait until later! Colorectal cancer is a wealthy disease that used to be common in Western countries, but with the improvement of living conditions, there are more and more patients with colorectal cancer in my country.

Stay away from intestinal cancer, remember to be a healthy food, eat less high -fat, high -heat food, keep the law of life, do not stay up late, do not smoke, and not drink. People with a family history of colorectal cancer are recommended to check colonoscopy and stool blood from the age of 50 every year. Young people with high risk factors check colonoscopy every 3-5 years. Nowadays, young people who are younger in the age of colorectal cancer in our country, changing stool habits, blood, blood loss, or anemia without reason is not to take it lightly. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial.

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