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How to adjust premature ejaculation?In this way

How to adjust premature ejaculation? About 30%of men will have premature ejaculation. Although the problem of premature ejaculation will not seriously cause inconvenience of life, it will affect the quality of sexual life to a certain extent and cause discord of sexual life. Therefore, premature ejaculation cannot be ignored, and early discovery and should be discovered and treat.

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How to adjust premature ejaculation? 1. Conservation of houses, abstain from masturbation

Male friends must make a house and abstain from masturbation. Frequent intercourse, indulging pornography, and habit of masturbation are all causes of premature ejaculation. If the husband and wife are in bed, if the sexual life is not carried out for a period of time, to prevent various sexual stimuli, let the male central nervous and sexual organs rest fully, and can effectively treat premature ejaculation.

How to adjust premature ejaculation? 2. Dietary recuperation

Diet treatment is also the key to conditioning premature ejaculation. Male friends can often eat some foods with aphrodisiac, such as dog meat, mutton, sparrows, walnuts, beef whip, and lamb kidney, which can improve the vitality of sperm and enhance sexual desire. In addition, you must often eat zinc -rich foods such as beef, chicken liver, eggs, peanuts, pork and chicken, as well as fine yam, ginkgo, frozen tofu, molty fish, sea cucumber, cuttlefish and octopus, etc. Foods of picots can enhance sexual function and condition premature ejaculation.

How to adjust premature ejaculation? 3. Acupoint massage

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Acupoint massage can also be adjusted. You can also choose acupoint massage for treatment of premature ejaculation. Patients can hold penile massage with their fingers, which can relax blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and enhance penile erections. Men can also stimulate male sexual nerves.

How to adjust premature ejaculation? 4. Use the medicine with caution

In the process of conditioning premature ejaculation, patients should also use drugs with caution. Chinese medicine believes that the treatment of premature ejaculation should choose drugs according to different constitutions, and we cannot only take aphrodisiac drugs. The use of aphrodisiac drugs may not necessarily enhance sexual function, but may also cause other diseases.

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