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How to avoid amputation tragedy in diabetes?

my country is the country with the most diabetic patients, and a large part of the patients with diabetes are still young people, and the trend of aging is still very obvious. Patients with diabetes are not terrible to control blood glucose, they are afraid that some people will not control blood sugar, and severe complications will occur.

Diabetic feet have always been a complication of sugar friends very careful prevention, fearing that luck should be amputated. What should I do if there is a diabetic foot?

Actively control sugar, don’t abandon yourself

Some sugar friends may have negative emotions after there are diabetic feet. They believe that hard control of sugar control or disease is useless, and no medicine is taken. Please do not abandon yourself. After complications, you must actively control sugar. Because this is the root cause of foot ulcers and infection. Solving the problem of high blood sugar, the rot of the feet will also improve, and other complications will be prevented in follow -up. It is necessary to cooperate with the doctor to use hypoglycemic drugs and take medicine on time.

Don’t “diagnose” yourself

Patients with diabetes, do not “diagnose” themselves after discovering their feet, or listen to the prescriptions, and apply the medicine randomly.

This will not be healing the wound, but rot is more serious. There are two reasons for the rotten rotten patients with diabetes, which are high blood sugar and the blood vessels are not blocked smoothly. If everyone uses the drug to apply the medicine to the wound, it will also aggravate the infection. , Even the possibility of amputation.

Go to a regular hospital for treatment

In addition to daily sugar control, everyone has to go to a regular hospital to deal with wounds.

Doctors and nurses will conduct debridement negative drainage treatment of rotten parts of the feet. Be sure to change the medicine to the hospital every day. It must keep the wound clean and dry.

Maintaining good habits and active treatment can avoid the tragedy of amputation.

Keep your foot cleaning

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If sugar friends have symptoms of diabetic foot, they must start to pay attention to the maintenance of the feet. For example, trimming toenails regularly, because if the nails are too long, it will easily break and hurt the tissue around the toenails. Therefore, it is very important to trim the toenails.

At the same time, keep your feet, shoes, etc., and try not to walk barefoot. It is best to choose socks and shoes that are comfortable and integrated into An’an.

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