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How to avoid taking medicines by mistake?It is important to do these points!

Guidance expert: Wu Xunfeng, the emergency department of Yuexiu Emergency Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

In the emergency department, sometimes some children who misuse the drugs: In the past half a month, the girls who were in February 9 months of February missed the adult’s drug “Poster Posem”, 2 years old and 9 months old and 9 months old. The boy’s “Mein Min Pseudo Puppet Oral Liquid” by mistake; the boy in November 2 years of age was taken by “vitamin E, folic acid tablets”; the boy in October in October, the boy looked at the dose because of his parents’ errors, which caused an overdose to misuse the “Sitlizinezine “In April, the boy misused the” insecticide “; August was misused” decompression buns “; April was mistaken for” Silver Lake Cold Sattle Povile Oil “; “Ste sodium” … Fortunately, these children have no discomfort after emergencyly gastric lavage and relevant examination and treatment.


Children’s accidental damage is a global public health issue, and it has increasingly become the main cause of harm to children’s survival and quality of survival. Even in developed countries, accidental damage is the main cause of children’s death. Pediatric acute poisoning is one of the common diseases in pediatric emergencies, and it is also the primary cause of accidental damage to children. After the child learns to crawl or walk, the scope of the activity is getting wider and wider. They slowly learned to turn the box to pour the cabinet and find things everywhere. Out of curiosity, they may put some new contacts directly into their mouths. Accidents of drug poisoning. Due to the age, the baby’s detoxification and excretion function are slightly worse. Some drugs are highly sensitive for children. If they are not treated in time, they can even have serious consequences, so that parents can make their breasts! So, what should I do when the child is taken by mistake?

When you find that your child is taken by mistake or suspected of taking the medicine by mistake, parents should not panic, let alone accusing the child loudly, otherwise, the child may cry because of fear, dare not say, unclear, or choose to deceive Parents, this is not conducive to obtaining the detailed information of the child’s misuse of drugs. When did you eat it? what did you eat? How much do you eat? … This information is very important to help doctors do correctly! If the child cannot express it accurately, parents remember to bring the medicines or bottles and boxes that the child might be taken by mistake, and take the child to the hospital as soon as possible.

Before being taken to the hospital, parents can also do some emergency vomiting treatment. For children under 2 years of age, parents can hold them with one hand and reach into their mouths to stimulate the pharynx and vomit them. You can let your child drink a glass of water first, and then stimulate them to vomit. Then go to the hospital as soon as possible to the doctor for treatment!

Of course, avoiding children from mistakes medicine, the most important thing is to prevent it:


1. Raise the caregiver’s awareness of poor safety, do not place medicines, pesticides, etc. at will. It is best to put these things on the heights that children cannot see nor can it be found. Children can easily turn the drawer.

2. Drug storage should be scientific, properly, and prevent the drug deterioration or failure due to improper storage; it is best to store it separately from the internal medicine.

3. Before using the medicine, we must carefully check the doctor’s order dose. If there is a family member who replaced the medicine in the middle, you must hand over the dose, or make a special logo drug.

4. Parents are best to avoid taking medicines in front of children, and do not let children help take medicine, so as not to imitate the parents’ action to take medicine and take medicine by themselves. In case the child is really serious? The next time I flipped to these medicines, they really took them as “candy”.

5. For older children, in addition to improving their awareness of their safety, parents can also conduct appropriate education for children with common sense of medication and teach them their ability to identify harmful items.

6. Experience drugs and pesticides should be discarded to harmful trash cans in time after use, and timely clean up the environment or items that have been exposed to insecticides, such as bowls and plates to clean up and discard in time.

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7. Do not use mineral water bottle or beverage bottle pesticides to avoid misleading children.

In short, parents must “let go and don’t look at” when taking care of their children, so as not to cause irreversible “big mistakes” due to small negligence.

(Correspondent: Lin Huifang)

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