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How to care for the baby’s indigestion?Bao Da Bao Mom comes to “rise posture”

Baby indigestion is a common situation. Babies are in an important period of growth and development. They need sufficient nutrition. If indigestion, it will hinder the absorption of nutrients and then it is not conducive to the baby’s body development. What should I do if my baby is indigestion?

What is indigestion?

Digestion is a disease, manifested as intermittent or sustainable discomfort of the upper side of the abdomen after eating. Because the baby is in the period of growth and development, its physical function has not yet developed, its digestive system function is not sound, and the stomach can not work well. Therefore, compared to adults, the baby’s gastrointestinal system is still relatively fragile. If parents do not pay attention to the baby’s diet, it is easy to cause the baby’s gastrointestinal discomfort, so digestive disorders are more common among infants and young children.

What are the causes of baby indigestion?

The main reasons for the poor digestion of babies are not easy to digest, because the baby’s digestive ability is poor, and at the same time, it may be to try too many new food for the baby. Therefore Babies are slowly adapting, not too much. In addition, it is also possible that the food that parents eat for their babies are unreasonable. Pay attention to the nutritional diet that gives the baby to avoid being too single.

These methods can be used to relieve the symptoms of digestion indigestion.

1. Observe the condition

In addition to improper feeding, gastrointestinal inflammation, abuse of antibiotics, cold weather, low resistance, and cold belly can cause indigestion. Therefore, when the baby has symptoms of indigestion, it is necessary to distinguish which one is caused by. You can take the right medicine after you know the source of the disease and relieve the condition.

2. Reduce diet

When it is found that the baby is indigestion because the baby eats some indigestible foods, then the parents should not give the baby too much. You can eat some foods that are more easily digested with porridge and paste. In addition, do not eat too much of greasy and fried foods. Don’t eat cake, cream, etc.

3. Take more rest

Whenever the situation caused by indigestion, babies need to rest more. Only under sufficient sleep to better restore the body and enhance resistance.

4. Drinking water, granulation, etc.

If the baby’s indigestion is more serious, you can drink some hydrocephalus or some granules. These drugs can help babies to accelerate the digestion of food and have a certain effect on regulating the gastrointestinal and intestines.

5. Massage

What should I do if the baby’s indigestion causes diarrhea? If it is a simple diarrhea, you can massage your baby’s abdomen. This method can relieve symptoms. Mom can rub the baby’s belly button and abdomen against the time. The strength should be moderate when massaging.

Health reminder: When the baby is indigestion, you must adjust it in diet. Do not eat apple puree, yogurt milk, skimmed milk, etc. These foods will aggravate indigestion.

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