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How to cause allergic urticaria

Allergic urticaria may be caused by diet or skin contact with allergens.

1. Eating factors. If you eat foods such as fish, shrimp or crabs, or allergies to protein, or if you accidentally eat eggs, you may get allergic urticaria. At this time, you need to stop eating related foods, and then take oral drugs such as deretthe. 2. Contact allergens. Common allergens usually include plant pollen or animal dandruff, and dust. If the skin is exposed to these allergens, allergic urticaria may be induced, causing red spots in the skin, it will also be accompanied by itching of the skin and vascular edema, which needs to be treated in time. When itching is severe, it can also be applied to the glyphosate washing agent. When an allergic urticaria occurs, actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment. Try not to grab too much with your hands, pay attention to the light diet.

Daily nursing of allergic urticaria: patients with allergic urticaria should pay attention to diet, especially canned foods, canned foods and preservatives, and pickled foods, which are likely to induce urticaria. At the same time, too irritating foods will also reduce gastrointestinal digestive function. When the residue residue stays for too long, it will produce protein and peptides, and also increase the chance of allergies. Patients with allergic urticaria should pay attention to environmental hygiene, and it is best to raise pets at home to avoid allergies to animals. At the same time, try to go as little as possible and more dusty places. Secondly, rubber gloves, detergents, and chemical fiber clothes are also prone to cause allergies, and patients should avoid contact with these items. Patients with allergic urticaria should always maintain a peaceful mentality, because emotional excitement can easily lead to the onset of the disease, and the long -term pleasure can also improve resistance and prevent the recurrence of the disease. Patients with allergic urticaria should avoid taking aspirin, penicillin, tetracycline, etc., all of which can easily cause urticaria.

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