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How to cause bladder cancer for the elderly

Bladder cancer for the elderly may be caused by factors such as long -term contact with carcinogen, smoking, and chronic bladder infection.

There are many causes of bladder cancer. It has been exposed to some carcinogens for a long time, such as dyes, textiles, leather, rubber, plastic, paint, printing, etc. The risk of dysfunction has increased significantly.Smoking is the most common cause of carcinogenesis, about one -third of bladder cancer is related to smoking.The carcinogenicity of smoking may be related to carcinogens containing a variety of aromatic amine derivatives.Chronic bladder infection and long -term foreign body stimulation will increase the risk of bladder cancer, such as bladder stones, bladder diverticulum, Egyptian blood suction cystitis, and other bladder cancer, especially squamous cell carcinoma.Other bladder cancer has been used for a long time, a large number of non -Nasin painkillers and endogenous dusterine metabolic abnormalities may be the cause or induction of bladder cancer.Bladder cancer grows early to the bladder cavity. In the late stages of the bladder root and even grow outward through the bladder wall, it grows inward.Different development methods are different.The earlier, the simpler, the smaller the trauma, the better the effect.Early bladder cancer only grows in the bladder mucosa, and can be treated by laser discharge of bladder mucosa like seaweed or mushrooms through urethral bladder.If the cancer cells go deep into the muscle layer, due to the deep base, the simplicity is cut into the bladder cancer tissue and cannot achieve the purpose of radical bladder resection.Artificial bladder and artificial urine bags for a long time, the treatment effect is very good, and the quality of life of patients will decline.If the bladder cancer has a distance, or invading the rectum and surrounding organs, the surgery cannot be completely removed, and it can be supplemented by some radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Patients should not eat spicy foods, eat less high -fat foods, and avoid eating pickled products and overnight food containing carcinogenic substances containing nitrite.Bladder cancer is a disease caused by environmental factors. Smoking is the most common pathogenic factor in bladder cancer. Patients should quit smoking and stay away from second -hand smoke. Do not use inferior hair dye to avoid contact with leather, rubber and pigment.

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