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How to check what are the inspection items for liver cirrhosis and liver cirrhosis

How to check liver cirrhosis, the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis is generally not difficult, especially if you should pay more attention to the relevant symptoms of liver cirrhosis diseases. What you must know is that you can confirm the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis in time and have a direct connection with the development of symptoms in the morning and evening. In addition to this, In addition, it should be noted that in many cases, liver cirrhosis diseases are caused by various long -term unhealed liver diseases. Therefore, patients’ symptoms are often more complicated. For example, symptoms of chronic hepatitis in chronic hepatitis The high -incidence of liver cirrhosis must be alert to this disease.

How to check liver cirrhosis

1. Liver function experiment

Mild abnormalities in the compensation period, decreased serum protein during the loss period, rising globulin, and upside down in A/G. The original time of coagulant is prolonged, and the original activity of coagulant is reduced. Rising transaminase and bilirubin. Total cholesterol and cholesterol decreased, and blood ammonia can rise. The metabolism of amino acids is disordered, and the proportion of the branch/Fang is disordered. Elevated urea nitrogen and creatinine. Electrolytic disorders: low sodium, low potassium.

2. Immunology examination

① Immunoglobulin IgA, IgG, IGM can be elevated. ② The antibody antibody antibody antibody, mitochondrial antibody, flat smooth muscle antibody, and anti -liver protein membrane antibody can be positive. ③ Other immunological examinations, decreased roses, decreased roses and decreased dilute rates, CD8 (TS) cells decrease, and decreased functional. Those who have recently occurred in the abdominal effusion and the rapid increase of the original abdominal effusion should be performed for abdominal occlusion. The orthopedic effusion should be performed for routine tests, adenosine dehydaminase (ADA) measurement, bacterial culture and cytology examination. In order to improve the positive rate of culture, the sampling operation of the abdominal effusion should be carried out by the bed, using a blood culture bottle, and the oxygen and anaerobic bacteria are used.

3. Endoscopy

It can be determined that there is a food pipe-stomach veins, and the positive rate is higher than that of the X-ray X-ray test. It can still understand the degree of varicose veins and evaluate the risk of their bleeding. The esophagus-stomach vein song is the most reliable indicator of diagnosis of vein hypertension. When the gastrointestinal gastroscopy can be determined when the gastroscopy is on the concurrent gastrointestinal bleeding, and the hematopoietic treatment can be performed. The intubation of the hepatic vein wedge is determined by the cervical vein intubation and the departure pressure. The difference between the two is the hepatic vein pressure gradient (HVPG), which reflects the venous pressure. Normally less than 5mmHg, greater than 10mmHg, is the vein hypertension.

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