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How to choose HPV vaccine?It is more important to vaccinate as soon as possible!

Guide experts: Wu Li, Director of Women’s Health Health Department of Women’s Health Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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HPV, that is, human papilloma virus, is a common genital tract virus infection. According to reports, the chances of infection with HPV in the lifetime of sexual behaviors are as high as 85%-90%. Clearness is mostly an excessive and unprecedented symptoms, but when the high -risk HPV is continuously infected, it can lead to a disease and eventually progress to malignant lesions such as cervical cancer. Therefore, reducing HPV infection is of great significance to prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer. At present, evidence -based medicine shows that vaccination can prevent HPV infection, thereby reducing the probability of cervical cancer.


But how to choose HPV vaccine? When to fight? how to spell? Will there be some adverse reactions? Many female friends are very confused, so let’s take a look at it now.

It is not necessary to excessively entangle the price, and it is more important to vaccinate as soon as possible!

At present, there are four types of HPV vaccines that have been approved by the State Drug Administration, namely imported binary HPV vaccines, imported quadrimal HPV vaccines, imported nine -valent HPV vaccines, and domestic binary HPV vaccines. Seeing so many vaccines, many female friends have begun to tangle which one will be better. Generally speaking, the binary HPV vaccine mainly prevents cervical cancer caused by HPV16 and HPV18 infections; in addition to preventing cervical cancer caused by HPV16 and HPV18 infections, the four -valent can also prevent genital warts caused by HPV6 and HPV11; nine -valent can prevent prevention. HPV16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, 58 Seven high -risk HPV types of infections and genital warts caused by HPV6 and HPV11. Is it better? In fact, there is no need to blindly pursue more prices. At present, the most common HPV that causes cervical cancer is the two types of 16 and 18 types. The second -price vaccine can already play a preventive role. Female friends can choose according to their age. The corresponding vaccine, the current vaccination age of the secondary and quadriors is 9-45 years old, and the vaccination age of the nine-price proposal is 16-26 years old. Female friends do not need to excessively entangle in which vaccine to choose. How to choose how to choose, it is better to vaccinate as soon as possible! The sooner the vaccination, the better, especially before the sexual behavior starts, the benefits will be greater! It is highly recommended that a 9-14-year-old adolescent woman prioritizes HPV vaccine, recommended women 9-26 years old to actively vaccinate HPV vaccines, and recommended women with conditioned HPV vaccines at 27-45 years old.

HPV vaccine needs to be screened regularly after vaccination!


At present, women aged 9-15 in vaccination with domestic secondary HPV vaccines are 0 and June 2 doses (that is, after the first needle, the second needle is repaired in the 6th month), and the 16-45-year-old female vaccination for domestic secondary HPV vaccines For 0, January, and June 3 doses, the imported two -valent HPV vaccine was vaccinated with 0, January, June 3 doses, and the fourth valence and nine -valent vaccination was 0, 2nd, and June 3 doses. Generally speaking, very few people may have adverse reactions after vaccination, but most of them are usually adverse reactions such as pain, swelling, itching, excessive fever, general discomfort, fatigue, etc., and usually do not need to do special treatment.

Doctors should be asked to take a vaccination evaluation before vaccination. Generally speaking, if there are severe allergies to the ingredients in the vaccine, the vaccination is prohibited. The occurrence of acute diseases should be temporarily vaccinated. After the new crown vaccine is vaccinated, it should be reused at least 14 days.

In addition, it should be reminded that inoculation of HPV vaccine does not mean that it will no longer suffer from cervical cancer. Therefore, women still need to conduct cervical cancer screening on a regular basis after vaccination. Early treatment.

(Correspondent: Lin Huifang)

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