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How to choose the right diapers for your baby?

The new parents will use diapers for their babies. The diapers are easy to use, which meets the needs of modern life. But so many diapers on the market have their own characteristics. Do you know how to choose for your baby? Understand the 7 points of the choice of diapers below, I believe you will definitely choose the most suitable for your baby.

7 Points to select the right diapers

1. Absorb strong urine strength and fast speed

The diaper contains polymer absorbers, and the absorption rate can reach its own 100 to 1000 times, and it will not be squeezed out again. The earliest diaper was mainly fluffy, so it was very thick. After adding the polymer absorbent, the diapers became thinner and more comfortable. So seeing the absorption power does not depend on thickness, or even the opposite. High water absorption can reduce the number of replacement times, do not disturb the baby during sleep, and reduce the contact time of urine and the skin, and reduce the chance of the occurrence of diaper rash.

2. Good breathability and not sultry

If the diapers used by the baby are not breathable, it is easy to cause diaper rash. Poor diapers can increase the local environmental temperature of the scrotum, which may affect the baby’s testicular development, especially if a baby after 1 year old should pay more attention. A good breathability diaper is first of all the inner layers of natural breathability. The key is that the outer layer must use the breathable film, that is, there is an invisible micropore on the thin plastic film. Moms should not just look at the propaganda, and to identify it through actual use.

3. The surface layer is dry, the urine does not seep, but the leakage is not leaked

The newborn baby lay down for a long time, the hips and waist are pressed on the urine pants, and the legs and waist should have a three -dimensional protection edge, but it cannot be too tight due to leakage. The material of the surface layer of the diapers should also be selected to be dry without leakage. In addition, it is best to choose a four -layer diapers, that is, the surface layer, absorption layer, and leak -proof bottom layer adds a layer of water absorption fiber paper to leak less.

4. Comfortable touch

The baby’s skin feel is very keen, and it is more sensitive to bad stimuli. As long as there is a little discomfort, the baby will feel very uncomfortable. The area of ​​diapers with the baby’s skin is very large, and it is almost 24 hours away. Therefore, you must choose diaper like ultra -thin, fit, soft, soft, and well -touched diapers to provide your baby with comfortable touch experience.

5. Skin care protection layer

The cause of diaper rash is mainly the irritating substances in the urine directly contact the skin. At present, there is already a skin care component on the inner layer of diapers on the market. You can directly form a protective layer on the small butt by body temperature to isolate stimulation and reduce skin friction to make your baby feel more comfortable.

6. Moderate price

At present, there are many brands of diapers sold in the market and ranging from price. If you have good economic conditions, you can choose more advanced diapers. The quality of diapers produced in China is relatively reliable, because the manufacturer’s investment is large, the main raw materials rely on imports, and the price is still not low. Pay attention to basic functions, batch purchases, purchase of local products, and mixed use is a good way to reduce costs. However, the more guaranteed products, the more expensive the quality, and the more expensive, it is not advisable to blindly pursue low prices.

7. Size suitable for babies

You can refer to the labeling on the packaging. The waist circumference should be close to the baby’s waist. If the paste is pasted, there are digital signs. The adhesive is suitable for the number 1 to 3. If the glue paste is pasted on the number 3, it means that the size of the diapers is small. Select a large number of diapers at the next purchase. Check the tightness of the rubber band of the legs. If it is too tight, it means that the size is too small; if it is not affixed to the leg, it means that the size is too large.

Use diapers 3 points correctly

1. Don’t use it for a long time

Do not use diapers 24 hours. Let the baby’s little butt dry in the air regularly and dry the sun. If your parents have time, you can use diapers several times during the day. The use of diapers and diapers alternately, both economical and avoiding the baby in the wrap of diapers for a long time. Diabetes should be used when you go out at night, and cotton diaper can be used at other times.

2. The joint should be sticky

When changing diapers for your baby, you should stick to the joints. Do not let baby care products such as oil, powder, or shower gel get on the joints, so as not to reduce adhesion.

3. Replace in time

Because each baby’s monthly age, the number of urination, and the number of urination is different, it is difficult to replace the diapers. It is recommended to determine whether to change diapers before each feeding, after the stool, before going to bed, and waking up.

(Editor in charge: He Ying)

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