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How to choose your hiking shoes for outdoor travel

Ask the excellent clerk: When you walk into an outdoor shop and ask the more experienced shoe salesperson, he knows the goods he sells best. If the clerk is not there, he will come back for about a time.

Measure the size of the feet: Do not wear that size because you often wear that size. You can wear that shoe. Human feet will change with time, length of the journey, and carrying load.

No need to worry about numbers: The length and size of the shoes of the US size are very many. Besides, it is possible that the company’s No. 10 shoes are another No. 9 shoes. The only way is to try more.Huiyou knows what is the most suitable.

Try to buy up to buy: It is best to try a pair of shoes on the post -working time (evening), because at this time your feet are more swollen, so you can wear your feet more comfortably.

Don’t worry: buy a good shoes slowly, at least two consecutive afternoon, go shopping slowly, if you can, try to try various manufacturers and styles.

Bring your own socks: Take your own socks to the store, your feet will be easier to adapt.

Move your toes: When you tighten your shoes with your shoelaces, your toes should not be topped to the front part of the shoes. Once you hurriedly put on the shoes, you may feel a bit wide, you will feel a bit wider.It’s too big, but it is absolutely not. In the long -term downhill, too short shoes will hurt your toes and hurt your toes.

Take a look at the road: Take some time on the shoes you consider buying, follow the store along the store, if you wear a leather or hard cloth for a period of time, you will rub your back footIt will be discovered immediately.

Don’t wear big shoes: Choose a pair of pair of shoes that can cooperate with your marching shoes. If these shoes are too big or not easy to move than you, you don’t need to bear the problem of buying big shoes.

Let your feet adapt: Choose a pair of shoes that must make your feet the most comfortable. Compression is worse than any problem. In the end, when you find the most suitable, only one person knows that it is you.

(Editor in charge: Chen Shaopeng Intern Editor: Li Ziyan)

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