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How to collect puzzle books for two -year -old babies

Two years old is the best time for children’s language development. Start learning some complete sentences. At this time, you should tell him some short fairy tales. The content of the story should be easy to understand. The sentence is short and beautiful to enrich his language and vocabulary. And a story must be told a few more times, so that children can remember, and they can be applied in life in the future.

Parents should not rush to read books such as “puzzle games” for babies of this age, because teaching children to learn knowledge must also meet his age characteristics. Developing intelligence should be deepened from shallow to deeper according to the age of the child.

First, the picture of the book is large, which allows children to see what they draw clearly.

Second, the color is bright and easy to attract children’s attention.

Third, there are few words on each page, only one or two sentences, children are easy to remember.

Fourth, the content of the painting is a small animal that children like, such a book child must be willing to read.

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Fifth, even fairy tales, contain a lot of knowledge. There are a few small animals on the baby’s count, what birds are flying in the sky, knowing what color clothes are wearing, and so on. There are many others to learn.

6. After telling the story, tell your baby some simple truths and knowledge, and get three things.

(Intern editor: Lei Yuxuan)

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