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How to deal with children’s burns unexpectedly in the summer vacation?

Half of the summer vacation has passed. Facing the vigorous children, many parents call the children’s care too much. During the summer vacation, children’s free time is increased, which is a variety of accidents, especially families with inadequate care at home. Children are prone to burns and burns. What should parents deal with in case their children are accidentally burned? Under what circumstances should I go to the hospital for treatment?

洗手 肥皂 洗手液 泡沫 水龙头

Children are rinsed with cold water first

After the child is burned, parents should quickly let the child avoid the heat source. Experts point out that the burns are continuously rinsed with cold water under the faucet, or the injury is disposed of in the cold water basin (not less than 5 ° C to avoid frostbite) for 30 minutes. In this way, the wound can be quickly and thoroughly dissipated, the skin blood vessels shrink, reduce exudation and edema, relieve pain, reduce the formation of blisters, and prevent wounds from forming scars.

If the burns are covered by clothing, soak the burns in the water first, cut the clothes with scissors and remove the clothes. After rinse or soaking, use iodine to disinfect the surface, and then apply scald cream. Do not use red potion, purple potion and other nonsense liquids to avoid affecting the doctor’s judgment on the degree of burns. Waiting for random painting, these things not only have no treatment effect, but will cause wound infections.

These situations need to be seek medical treatment quickly

1. Children’s burns exceeded 5%of the total area of ​​the body surface (the children’s five fingers are close together, and the area of ​​one palm is 1%). After the correct early emergency treatment, it should be treated as soon as possible to avoid delays.

2. Bles, pain, or white or black skin appear in the burns, or lose the pain, and should be sent to the hospital immediately. At the same time, the wound is covered with clean cloth to avoid using cotton wool or easy -to -stick fabric during transportation, and be careful not to break the blisters to prevent infection.

3. For severe various burns, especially the head and surface, neck, genitals and other parts, the baby should be sent to the hospital as soon as possible because it will cause the baby’s shock at any time.

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