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How to deal with fever during breastfeeding

During the breastfeeding period, because the baby is breastfeeding swallows when the body is unwell, when breastfeeding is breastfeeding, because it is necessary to breastfeed the baby, when the body is unwell, the treatment method will be different from usual.It is more common in fever during breastfeeding. So how to deal with fever during breastfeeding?

How to deal with fever during breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, once symptoms of fever, do not blindly use drugs for treatment to avoid the adverse effects of drugs on the baby.It is the method of ginger soup to relieve the symptoms of fever, and through this method, the body sweats, thereby achieving the effect of healing.

You can also use some other physical therapy to try to reduce fever, use alcohol to clear the forehead palm, and wipe the positions of the day after tomorrow, and the feet.

During the breastfeeding period, when the degree of fever exceeds 38 degrees, the baby’s breastfeeding is temporarily stopped and medical treatment will be treated in time. Generally, the doctor will take safety measures according to this special situation, so that women’s physical rehabilitation will be rehabilitated.At the same time, it will not affect the baby’s breastfeeding in the future.

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In the case of fever above 38 degrees, don’t be too nervous. Timely antipyretic and wearing a mask, do not breathe the baby to avoid transmitting it to the baby, more than 38 degrees 5 or more.Pay attention to drink plenty of water, don’t be too close to your baby, you can boil some vinegar to kill the bacteria in the air, but when taking drugs for treatment, don’t use the medicine blindly.Some safe medicines, I want to ban breastfeeding within 12 hours, and must squeeze milk before feeding.

How to deal with fever during lactation?During breastfeeding, many situations will cause fever symptoms. Whatever the reason, it must be treated in time to avoid continuing fever and affecting their health and baby breastfeeding.Can help everyone.

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